Transgender Fighter Who Broke Woman’s Skull Deemed the ‘Bravest Athlete in History’

A mixed-martial arts transgender warrior who smashed the skull of his female opponent is an intrepid hero who deserves to be honored as “the bravest athlete in history.”

That is the assessment of Cyd Zeigler, co-founder and blogger of Outsports, an LGBT-focused website that forms part of the SB Nation network of the left-wing digital media organization Vox.

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In a Jan. 14 update, Zeigler breathlessly squealed over rumors that after taking a hiatus to heal some wounds, transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox could soon return to the ring.

Zeigler lauded Fox for rocketing to the top of his sport in the Outsports article titled “Fallon Fox is still the bravest athlete in history” by crushing his female opponents within an inch of death.

Fallon Fox Is The Bravest Athlete In History,” Ziegler then used his column to shill his pro-transgender book, whose final chapter is entitled, you guessed it.”

He said he was delighted that Fox would soon be able to return to the arena, where a transgender athlete would be allowed to beat women again and be paid handsomely to do so.

“Fox is quietly re-emerging on the scene today, as she is working towards getting a degree,” Ziegler chirped.

“For some time, as she nursed injuries and healed her body, she had slipped away from the public eye and social media,” he wrote. “Now, in hopes of some sparring and possible exhibition matches, she is stepping back into the ring.”


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