Transcript Shows Iranian FM Had No Knowledge Of Israeli Strikes in Syria

On a scale of one to ten, we’d have to award former Secretary of State John Kerry a 12 for heinous actions against the national security interests of the United States. Perhaps a 13?

Kerry has shown during his adult life that he is more than willing to throw the United States of America under the big globalist bus in order to pursue his own selfish political agenda, beginning with the phony “Winter Soldier” allegations of widespread murder and abuse of Vietnamese civilians by U.S. troops during the Vietnam War and continuing with his current outsized support for Iran, the Middle East’s largest sponsor of terrorism.

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You may have learned in recent days that Kerry the Mouth told Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif that Israel had carried out hundreds of strikes inside Syria against his country’s armed forces and properties.

Kerry would later say that it was no big deal because he didn’t tell Zarif anything that he and the Iranian government didn’t already know.

Except for the fact that he did.

According to a leaked audiotape of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, he was unaware of clandestine Israeli military strikes until former Secretary of State John Kerry told him, new details that contradict the State Department’s recent defense of Kerry.

Leading Republicans are likely to intensify their calls for Kerry’s dismissal or resignation as a result of these revelations. According to the New York Times, Zarif said on the tape that Kerry told him Israel had launched 200 airstrikes in Syria against Iranian interests. The New York Times did not provide any additional information on the subject.

However, according to an independent version of the audiotape commissioned by the Washington Free Beacon, Zarif went on to clarify that he was unaware of the Israeli strikes before Kerry told him.

Kerry informed me that Israel had carried out 200 airstrikes against you [Iran],” Zarif said. His interviewer asked, “You didn’t know?” He replied, “No, no.”

The additional specifics of this heinous breach of national security — not to mention Israel’s security, our most critical regional ally — stand in stark contrast to the swampy State Department’s assertions that what Kerry told Zarif was public record and not at all sensitive.

“If you look at press accounts from the time, this was definitely not a secret, and governments that were concerned were speaking openly on the record about it,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters during a briefing on Monday.

Present Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Tuesday that the strikes “were all recorded in the press at the time, so it’s absolute nonsense.” Republicans, he said, were attempting to “play politics with this.”

It turns out that the bloated State Department is being deceitful.


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