“TORTURE! TORTURE! TORTURE!” Exclaims the Crowd. After the Truth is Revealed, CNN Cuts Off an Interview With a Lawyer on January 6th

CNN has plunged to an all-time low.

That’s correct… They reduce their standards even when you think they can’t go any lower.

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A lawyer for a defendant charged on January 6th was asked to appear on CNN with John Avlon.

However, when the attorney for the political prisoners on January 6th began discussing their situation, CNN opted to cut away.

The counsel was completely honest.

On January 6th, inmates are essentially “tortured.”

Many true radical Islamic terrorists are being treated better in American jails than the January 6th inmates.

That is a proven fact.

That’s what the lawyer was attempting to convey.

What, on the other hand, did CNN do?

They made the decision to trim away.


There are two explanations for this.

They don’t want the truth about the January 6th detainees to be revealed.

#2. They intended to give the impression that this lawyer was insane.

On Rumble, you can see this trainwreck CNN interview.

Here’s a thought for CNN:

When your guests are telling you the truth, you should probably stop cutting them off.

That’s what the audience wants to see.

They are not interested in watching propaganda!

They are eager to learn the truth!

www.mediaite.com www.newsbusters.org www.welovetrump.com

Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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