Top Secret Pfizer Documents Leaked: Pfizer Knew That Vaxx Would Kill Thousands

The house of lies built around Covid-19 is collapsing everywhere.

Mostly du to the ‘sudden’ end of mask mandates, when just until yesterday we were forced on boosters, and people were losing their jobs over the vaccines.

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And now, thanks to some unknown hero, we now have internal documents prepared by Pfizer, exposing the whole truth about all the adverse health events suffered by the people who participated in their vaccine trial.

“This document has a nine-page list of “adverse events of special interest.” Just to pick out a few at random: Acoustic neuritis, aortic embolus, Cerebellar embolism, Crohn’s disease, epileptic psychosis, infantile spasms, meningitis, swollen tongue. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a bad segment if I just read off all of these. There must be a thousand or more, and I’d be reading them for half the show. But we have guests to get to as well,” Stwe Peters commented.

“Dr. Robert Malone is still fighting the battle for truth after getting banned from Twitter and sparking the campaign to annihilate Joe Rogan. Hopefully he can help us understand this Pfizer document better.”

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