Top Republican Lashes on Mitch McConnell After Trump’s Warning

President Trump sent a warning to the GOP yesterday.

President Trump has warned all Republicans in a scathing criticism of Mitch McConnell that their political careers are over if they agree with Mitch.

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And the message must have worked, because we now have a top Republican who is speaking out very strongly against Mitch McConnell.

Senator Ron Johnson is now calling Mitch McConnell out and making it clear that the majority of Republican senators are not speaking for him.

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin refused to support the harsh criticism of former President Donald Trump by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, instead saying that his earlier comments were out of step with his own caucus.

McConnell was one of 43 Republican senators who voted on Jan. 6 to acquit Trump on charges of inciting the Capitol rebellion. But he blamed the former president after his vote and claimed Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the deadly riot and that he only voted to acquit because a private citizen is not entitled to be prosecuted by the Constitution.

“Leader McConnell speaks for himself from my point of view,” Johnson said on The Ross Kaminsky Show on Tuesday. “I don’t believe he is speaking for the conference in this case, and I think he needs to be a little careful.”

“Johnson said, adding that McConnell’s remarks did not reflect how the “vast majority of Republican senators” felt, “You know, when I talk, I really try to take into account how it could reflect on the party.

The GOP realizes that President Trump is going to make his big political comeback now that the impeachment sham is over and they’re trying to cover their butts.

President Trump, right now, has all the cards. This is his GOP, and he knows it and everyone else knows it, too.

It is now painfully obvious that he was in on the whole thing. Mitch McConnell revealed his cards.

Trump sees it, and we see it, and how he makes his attempt to knock down McConnell from his leadership position and turn him against the whole party.

And it works.


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