Too Much! Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Suggested He Put a Hit Out on Her

Kim and Kanye’s divorce is probably going to be the net nasty celebrity divorce.

But, let’s just stay true to reporting, without involving claims weighing on each particular side.

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However, after experiencing about the same when his mother took him away fro his dad, he didn’t have much of voice and opportunities to speak out and fight.

so Kanye decided to not do the same thing and use his power to fight for the kids.

On Sunday, Kanye West continued to level charges against Kim Kardashian, this time accusing her of claiming that he had placed a “hit” on her in response to her claims.

“West has used to his Instagram account to publicly criticize his ex-wife over concerns relating to their co-parenting relationship. And now, he’s taking things a step further by accusing the reality star of being involved in criminal activity,” reports have written.

“West began his social media rage on Sunday by posting a text exchange that he said was with one of Kardashian’s cousins, which he claimed was the source of the text exchange. They stated in the letter that they are backing with him in the dispute over whether or not their 8-year-old daughter, North, should be allowed to use TikTok.”

As West put it, “THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF KIM’S COUSIN AGREING WITH ME ABOUT TIK TOK THEN PROCEEDING TO ASK ME FOR SOME YEEZYS AFTERWARDS.” In a phone call from her other cousin KARA, she expressed agreement with me and said she would speak out publicly about it, which she never did. She then suggested that I take medication.

“I do this for every parent on either side whose children’s futures are being one-sidedly controlled. As a father, I do not even have the right to become enraged without being labeled as erratic. I have given that family the culture; if they as a whole unit continue to play games with me, I will take that culture away. A father should never have to beg for the location of their children.”

Before this, Kim had earlier made a statement to Fox News Digital in which she said that she wishes Kanye would refrain from airing his personal issues in public and also stated that this is a subject for their attorneys to handle.

West, on the other hand, took things to the next level in his next post, in which he claimed that Kim had accused him of attempting to pay someone to murder her.

“YESTERDAY, KIM ACCUSED ME OF PUTTING A HIT OUT ON HER,” West wrote in his letter to the editor. “So let me get this straight: I beg to go to my daughter’s birthday party and am falsely accused of being under the influence of drugs. Then I go play with my son and take my AKIRA graphic novels and am falsely accused of theft.”

They both engaged in stupid affairs, of obvious reasons. Ultimately, their lifestyles bumped-off their heads and let the West-Kardashian family to a public terrorizing of their children, that’s just about to begin.


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