Thousands Of NY Flood The Streets To March For Freedom As Worldwide Resistance Against C-19 Tyranny Is Growing! [WATCH]

The Worldwide rally for freedom gets back to NYC this weekend, bringing thousands of citizens to the streets to fight against the free tyranny and the bad coronavirus restrictions.

The massive demonstration mirrored other worldwide freedom rally events that occurred during the weekend in many countries, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, and several others.

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Kevin Peters stated that the protests represent a culmination of a broader coalition coming together like never before. All people were standing together.

Several unlikely alliances have been formed between various conflicting political groups such as Trump Supporters, BLM, Workers Unions, frustrated democrats, religious organizations, and some conservative groups.

These are the most divisive times in the nation’s history, but also, they are joining forces together for one purpose- No mandates.

NYC started enforcing the C-19 vaccine and vaccine passports in September, and it is Key to NYC for indoor activities, schools, restaurants, gyms, and theatres.

Because of the restrictions, restaurants in the city report that business is down by 40-60%,

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People yelled, “We will not comply,” and New York won’t Back Down!

Again people held signs “F**K Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Some keynote speakers issued a speech. In addition to several up-and-coming local leaders, notable speakers there were the New York University professor Mark Crispin Miller and the author Naomi Wolf.

Thousands of people around the world fought back the coronavirus restrictions! The global resistance to this globalist power grab is growing from day today.

It is like a war zone!

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In some countries, the governments are using unrelenting force to crackdown against protesters of their dictatorial rule.

This weekend, several videos from Belgium and the Netherlands have shown police riot squads and military members attacking protesters.


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