Though She Waited For FDA Approval, This Still Happened

FDA approval doesn’t also mean “safe” and “guaranteed”.

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Though this poor woman wanted to be protected and cared for her well-being and health, she didn’t get informed about the possible side effects and consequences of the vaccine.

This is her sad story.

“Okay, so I was one of the unvaxxed who was waiting for full FDA approval to get the vaccine. And I got it today, got Pfizer, it’s on my left arm. And I knew about all the common side effects like okay, you’re gonna have a sore arm, you might have an allergic reaction, you might have a headache. So I knew about all those but one that I actually was not that aware of that I’m experiencing is facial paralysis. So on the left side of my face, and the left side of my neck is like numb. So I freaked out, I started looking it up and apparently, facial paralysis is a side effect that can be found from the mRNA vaccines. So I’m hoping that tomorrow this feeling just goes away because it’s kind of freaking me out.”


Bell’s Palsy is scientifically proven to be one of the various side effects rom the COVID jab, and we want to support her by telling her this, and that she’s not alone. But, for all you future vaxxers, and hesitant people – get really prepared and read more before you make a decision!


Ava Garcia

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