Thomas Renz: FDA Exposed, Denied Informed Consent—Jabs Need to Be Pulled off the Market

Thomas Renz sat down with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American for a half-hour segment titled ‘Tom Renz: Countering Global Attack on Humanity.

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He dropped a lot of information, but one segment stood out to us. It was about informed consent, transparency, and accountability.

“In the document we just posted, the earliest piece of evidence we posted is from October of was it 2020? Yeah. And that is an FDA document from the vaccine-related biological Advisory Committee, VRBPAC. And that document shows that going way back to October of 2020. They expected a number of very serious side effects from these vaccines up to and including death.

Well, it specifically states that that’s what they were looking for, and that’s what they were expecting. Interestingly enough, when the jabs were released, none of those were listed on the side effects sheets. So no one was given informed consent, no one was told this could kill you, this could cause long-term issues, it could cause long-term problems. No one was given that information.

So millions of people went out and took this jab without informed consent. Now under the law, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services is required if they’re going to authorize something under emergency use to ensure that people are reasonably apprised or going to be reasonably apprised of the risks and the benefits. They specifically avoided doing that. They specifically and knowingly refuse to do that.

So this is a real crisis. And one of the things that I think underlies this, and it’s going to be a consistent theme, as we talk about this is the fact that you know, we see some of the Republicans and some of the people who are new to this saying, well, it should be everybody’s choice. No, no, no, no, no.

See, we don’t have another product. There is not a single other product available on the market, anywhere drug chain saws, hand grenades, not one that causes as much death and carnage to consumers. We don’t have one product that has is more dangerous than this vaccine on the market. And yet, we can’t sue the manufacturers if this vaccine hurts us. So there’s no transparency, there’s no informed consent, and there’s no accountability if you get injured by this product. So you cannot say that it should be everybody’s choice. You can’t make a choice without informed consent. And if there’s no redress for an injury after you do this, then it’s just not a fair playing field. So we can’t have that. These have to be pulled from the market entirely.” – Thomas Renz

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