This Talented Trump Supporter Got Creative With Zelensky’s Questionable “Green Screen” Video

You don’t have to be a Trump supporter to figure it out – just sane enough and trust your own sense and gut.

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As the war in Ukraine rages on with no end in sight, one thing is certain.

We’ve been dealing with our fair share of “war propaganda.” It’s gotten so bad, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on over there. And nobody trusts our government or our media to be honest… so, it’s anyone’s guess what’s really happening.

The truth is that there’s nothing Biden wants more than WW3, and that’s why he and warmongers on the right and left are pushing for it, even while our own country is literally falling apart.

One thing we’ve all been seeing during the war is speeches by Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

Well, in the wake of that hullabaloo, one very talented and clever Trump supporter reimagined what was really going on behind Zelensky’s ‘green screen” and I think when you see it, you’ll have a chuckle.

What’s your honest opinion about these videos and the point they’re making?

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