This New Poll Will Make “Woke” Companies Reconsider Everything

I’m perplexed that businesses felt it would be a smart idea to become “woke.”

There is so much evidence and proof that this isn’t true.

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Take a look at Hollywood: it became more “woke” than it had ever been during the Trump period, and Americans mostly tuned out.

All of those “hear us roar” TV shows and movies flopped, and their narcissistic awards shows have lost so many viewers that I’m not sure how they will remain on the air at this stage – nobody is watching.

The same thing happened in sports as well. Americans watch sports to get away from politics and nonstop SJW nonsense, not to get more of it. The left, on the other hand, has no idea when to stop.

They’re a computer that’s programmed to keep going forward, consuming all the energy in its path – and there’s no way to turn them off. The only way it can come to an end is for Americans to lose interest.

Even then, the left will keep pressing until its “host” withers and dies – at which point the left will abandon the carcass and seek out a new “host,” and the communist cycle will repeat itself.

And that’s where companies are now – they’re the latest “leftist host,” and the mob has taken over the PR/marketing departments of America’s largest corporations, spreading the same SJW nonsense that got Hollywood and sports in trouble…

This host, like anything else the left touches, will wither and die.

And, based on the results of a recent poll, it appears that it will happen sooner rather than later.

NPR/Maris released a new poll that asked a simple question: Do you support or oppose American corporations using their public role, status, or events to manipulate political, cultural, or social change?

And the answer says it all (though I assume the “oppose” number is much, much higher):

36% of people are in favor.

57 percent of people are against it.

This new poll should bring the “woke” companies to their knees – you’ll see a gradual change away from the SJW rhetoric as CEOs’ bottom lines begin to suffer.

That is already happening with Coca-Cola, which has changed its tune on voting honesty.

But the main point is that Americans don’t want their “politics” to come from the people who make fizzy corn syrup water.

Who’d have guessed?

For the love of God, it’s a soda business, so shut up and drink your carbonated sugar water.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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