This Is What Happened When J6 Defendant Dustin Thompson Was Found Guilty In A DC Court!

January 6, protester Dustin Thompson was found guilty of a felony and several misdemeanors.

Once his guilty verdict was read, he was removed from the courtroom in shackles, with little objection from his attorney.

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When two security guards removed his belt, ring, and; personal items from his pocket, Judge Reggie Walton said that Thompson was weak-minded.

All this could have been prevented!

Thompson appeared emotionally uninvolved. The jury needed an opportunity to see him as a fellow human being.

He confessed that he felt depressed. As the trial continued, he stared blankly out at the jury. Also, Thomson was distanced from his lawyer Samuel Shamsnsky. Only one time when they showed together was in a verdict reading in which Thompson’s face was stoned.

Weirdly, Thompson couldn’t provide a reason for attending the rally. He couldn’t explain why he stole a coat rack and bulletproof vest. The only emotion noticed was a feigned cry when Thomson was taken away in shackles.

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Thompson’s defense attorney, Samuel Shamansky, implicated his client, calling him a “rioter” and “insurrectionist.”

He asked: “How does it feel to commit a crime?” Because of this, the jury thought a crime had happened.

The defense called no witnesses. Sarah Thompson was mentioned in court documents as a witness but didn’t take the stand.

Despite the requirement for judges to remain impartial, Judge Reggie Walton used this trial as a forum to express hatred for President Donald Trump.

The defense played Trump’s speech before the jury; he spoke words of disdain for Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

“Anyone who follows Trump is weak-minded. Thompson is a flight risk,” Walton continued.

It was as though he saw Thompson and President Trump as the same person.

Judge Walton stated, “Trump is a charlatan who caused an insurgency. He is tearing America apart. That’s the reason why our country is falling apart. I am proud of the jury for doing this.”

Walton still praised the jury and went into the jury room to sit with them and over ten prosecutors who were there.

“I’m showing [the African people] how we have the best judicial system. I don’t want to see Trump ruin it,” he said.

It seemed odd that Judge Walton would take time out of his busy schedule to interact with jurors this way. One day ago, he instructed the jury to deliberate quickly and reach a verdict to leave the courtroom at 5 o’clock.

Security realized that he was the only judge looking to clear his calendar that day.

‘’It is important for citizens to recognize the jury is responsible for judging not only a defendant’s actions but also the judge’s. If the jury sees unethical or unprofessional behavior on the part of the judge or the prosecutors, they can decide to acquit the defendant.

Prosecutors William Dreher and Angela Buckner did not leave immediately after this trial. Here is footage of prosecutors placing a supposed piece of evidence into a vehicle following the trial. ‘’ TGP reported.



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