This is The Republican Wanting To Challenge Lisa Murkowski For Alaska Senate Seat

We announced earlier this month that the Alaska Republican Party had censured Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) after she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump, and that they were considering a primary challenger. Now, a Republican primary candidate has made it clear that he wants to run against Murkowski.

Alaska’s Commissioner of Administration, Kelly Tshibaka, has declared that she will run for Murkowski’s Senate seat. According to Fox News, she characterized herself as a member of “a new generation of Alaska conservatives” who, as a candidate, would present herself as someone who will restore Alaska’s economy, protect and revitalize small businesses, and fight for the rights of women.

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“We know what Washington, D.C. thinks of Alaska: we’re here to help them, and we’re not going to fight them. Lisa Murkowski, who has lived in D.C. for nearly 20 years, feels the same way,” Tshibaka said in the video.

“However, you know what? Nothing frightens Washington insiders more than the prospect of having a solid, independent Alaskan leader in their ranks,” she added. “One they won’t be able to bully. And that they have no power over. They won’t be able to silence one.”

Tshibaka later said, “Lisa Murkowski is so out of touch that she even voted to bar Donald Trump from office after he was already gone.”

“I assume Alaska has a brighter future. “With one another, we will rise up and rebuild,” she said.

“I’m running for Alaskans who believe that government should be run by, for, and by the people. Insiders in Washington, D.C., must be kept accountable to us.”

This comes after Trump said that he would “under no conditions” endorse “the failed nominee from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski.”

Trump said, “She serves her state badly and her country even worse.” “I’m not sure where other people will be next year, but I know where I’ll be–campaigning in Alaska against a disloyal and bad Senator.”


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