This is The Guy Standing Between USA and The World War III

As things are getting more intensive in Ukraine, so is the US involvement in the entire world-range incident.

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“World War 3” is on everyone’s mind, including Biden.

Sadly, it’s impossible for anyone o this planet to entirely interpret what he’s really saying.

During the Democrat House Conference event in Pennsylvania, Biden discussed what the U.S. plans to do in Ukraine, although, you would basically need a translator to understand exactly what he said.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer,

“Joe Biden implored House Democrats on Friday to loudly proclaim the successes of their legislative agenda in this year’s midterm elections, warning that if Republicans retake control of Congress, “all I’ll have is a veto pen.”

Speaking at a party retreat in Philadelphia, Biden specifically encouraged lawmakers to campaign on his pandemic relief American Rescue Plan, which he said lifted people out of poverty, boosted employment, and reduced home foreclosures, “because families had money in their pockets.”

“And let’s be clear,” Biden said, leaning into the microphone. “We did it alone, without one single solitary Republican vote.”

Biden rallied House Democrats amid slumping approval ratings, rising gas prices, and ahead of what could be a brutal midterm election cycle for his party.”

What was normal for Biden might be the trigger that puts ur country directly into the furious fiasco.

Or is he doing this un propose?

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