‘This is how you DESTROY an economy’: Mark Levin Sets Democrats on Fire

Mark Levin debuted a new series named “Mark’s Short Takes” exclusively on BlazeTV this week. The Democrats’ love affair with the mighty US dollar — they’ve never seen one they didn’t want to spend — is Mark’s first short take.

Democrats robbed $1.9 trillion from your children and grandchildren last week as part of the partisan COVID-19 “stimulus” plan. They took on $4.1 trillion in debt last year to save the economy from crashing as blue state governors shut down their companies.

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Now, as an infrastructure stimulus looms, Mark is sounding the alarm, alleging that the Democratic Party is committing “fiscal suicide” to our country.

“We’ve invested, or committed to investing, $16.5 trillion in the last 18 months,” Mark exclaimed. “And then there’s the issue of what’ll happen next. We’ve been advised the infrastructure would cost another two trillion dollars. And the Republicans are arguing that the Democrats will spend a minuscule amount of their budget on infrastructure while cramming it with new entitlements, services, and expenditures… all while pretending to pay for it. What would they use to pay for it? Massive corporate tax rises, which means the cost of anything you purchase will rise. This also suggests that if they can’t make a profit, they’ll fire employees. It’s amazing.”

“What will happen, as we have seen in the past, is that those products will be shipped overseas,” he said. “We learn the hard way over and over again as a result of the Democrat Party, don’t we? Large tax increases on the productive sector, massive tax increases on capital spending and research, and massive income transfer to the poorest sectors of our economy are all on the table. This is how a country’s economy is ruined. This is how opportunity and riches are squandered. This is how major inflation is accomplished.”

Here’s the video:




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