This Country Is The First In EU To Ban The C-19 Pass!

Sweden has earned fame as the free EU country for the lax C-19 measures, and we have emphasized that’s not the case. They use the digital ID, microchips, and the introduction of C-19 passports have destroyed that fallacy.

Another EU nation taking faire strategy is flying under the radar; it is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Reports say that a strategic legal battle in the Balkan scored a victory for Bosnians.

Lawyer Mirnes Ajanovic defeated the Bosnian federal government in court to stop the passage of the C-19 passes.

BIH News reported:

Bosnian Lawyer Mirnes Ajanović defeated Bosnian Federal government.

Government didn’t put COVID pass in action. Bosnian Lawyer Mirnes Ajanović defeated government intention to take freedom from Bosnian citizens by imposing Covid Pass.

With his law skills and constitutional knowledge and with official papers from Pfizer he managed to defeat government and prevent it to impose Covid PASS.

Bosnia become first country in Europe without COVID pass.

Corona infection in Bosnia is going down and there will be no forced Covid- passports for Bosnian Citizens.

Mirnes Ajanović succeeded in applying the BiH Constitution, laws and criminal charges, concrete evidence that vaccinated people transmit the virus as well as unvaccinated ones, and that it is absurd to introduce a code certificate – to force the FBiH government to withdraw the decree. and for the cantons to give up the introduction of totalitarianism and discrimination against citizens.

The entity in Bosnia, the Republika Srpska, has never announced the introduction of Covid certificates, so that the whole of BiH remains a free territory.

Mirnes Ajanović’s months-long struggle for the rule of law without divisions and restrictions has led to BiH being the first and only country in Europe to be freed from Covid’s confirmation, and this man’s struggle should be a guide to other lawyers, academics and free thinkers around the world that freedom can be accomplished. reported:

Mirnes Ajanović, lawyer and president of BOSS, sent an official letter to the Council of Ministers and the Agency for Medicines of BiH with an inquiry about the importance, harmfulness, side effects, proper use of vaccines. To his and the public’s surprise, the state responded to him precisely and quickly. Based on that letter, lawyer Ajanović filed several charges against the responsible persons from the government with the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and KS.

Ajanovic talked about the true motives behind the shot:

Not everyone can get the vaccine! People do not die because of the vaccine, but because they were not allowed to receive the vaccine! From December 20, there is no work if you do not have a certificate! You will not be dangerous in a cafe in Tuzla until 19 pm and from 19 pm you will be dangerous if you do not have a certificate and they will kick you out! The motive for calling for vaccination is money! Vaccine manufacturers make billions! We will only know the consequences of vaccines in a few years! Vaccines must not be mixed, and with us they give Pfizer, and then another!

Later he mentioned how the policy qualified it as direct discrimination:

Vaccines cause contraindications for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and politicians are calling for them to be vaccinated as well! No one has studied the relationship between the vaccine and the drugs that people are already taking! The Law on Prohibition of Discrimination says that there must be no different treatment of people! Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated also transmit the infection, and some can go to work, others cannot! That is direct discrimination! Why would they follow Austria in terms of measures ?! Why would anyone force us to get vaccinated when it turns out that vaccines do not protect! What is the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated ?! Only one, if the vaccinated person is given the wrong vaccine, can die! All I read are official documents that I received officially from the Council of Ministers, and those from the Medicines Agency! You must not vaccinate people in the market and in the mall! All chronic diseases are contraindications for the vaccine – it is written in the official instructions! Vaccines must not be mixed, and with us they give Pfizer, and then another one! Sputnik says “Use with caution in chronic diseases”!

The ABC News reported:

As most European nations impose new restrictions to curb the spread of the omicron variant, Bosnia is taking a relatively laissez-faire approach to soaring COVID-19 infections in the region, much to the delight of its winter tourism industry.

Last week, thousands of skiers from around the country, the Balkans and the European Union happily slalomed their way through fresh snow on Bosnia’s mountain slopes following the official Dec. 4 kickoff for the season. Most ski resorts in the Balkans opened over the past week as well, but with much stricter pandemic-induced capacity and access limits.

On the Jahorina and Bjelasnica mountains near Sarajevo, hosts of the 1984 Winter Olympics, long, tightly packed queues formed at ski lifts while local and international guests gathered at cafes both indoors and outdoors, with some even taking in a nightly music concert.

Travelers coming into Bosnia from the European Union, apart from Croatia, are required to have a negative pre-departure PCR test and proof of recent vaccination or recovery from COVID-19 to enter the country. Citizens of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro are exempt from that rule.

But once a person is in Bosnia, they are not required to present proof of vaccination, a recent recovery or a recent negative test to access the ski slopes, restaurants, bars or cultural venues. While indoor mask-wearing and social distancing mandates are in place, their enforcement remains haphazard.

“We feel very safe here. Conditions are generally good, despite the pandemic,” said Sejla Ibric, who drove over 160 kilometers (100 miles) to Jahorina with her husband to enjoy the first ski weekend of the season.

Continues from ABC news:

“Things are going downhill back home with regards to the virus, but here it feels as if it does not exist,” said Mili Planincic of Croatia, who was getting ready to glide down a ski slope in Jahorina.

“People are relaxed, but at the same time they are keeping within reasonable limits” to prevent the spread of the infection, he added.

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