There’s Something “Wrong” With Terry McAuliffe’s July 4th Video, According to Trump Supporters

The Democrats are so phony that they can’t even claim to love America enjoy BBQ without being discovered.

I love how, after spending the entire year dividing America and destroying the country, flag, cops, and anyone who doesn’t worship the “progressive god,” Democrats put on their “patriotic” shirts and try to pass themselves off as “regular Americans” on July 4th.

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It’s not going to work.

And nowhere was this more evident than in Terry McAuliffe’s awful Fourth of July BBQ video.

Terry’s video had something very, very “wrong” about it, as savvy Trump fans immediately discovered…

Are you able to find it?

I’m sure you’ve noticed it, but just in case you haven’t…

Terry, the Communist, has a pile of burgers on a cold grill that isn’t even turned on…

Oh, and don’t forget the beer that hasn’t been opened…”


The following is a link to a video:

Some of the online remarks are as follows:

“this goofy pandering is right up there with hot sauce in the purse.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t use a southern black accent in this video and pour hot sauce all over his ice cold burgers.”

“The pandering is almost as disgusting as his raw burgers”

“I wonder if he got permission from the gov’t to have such a large bbq. The country is not back Terry. It is wildly off course and heading for a huge precipice.”

“I bet you he bought all that stuff with the extra sixteen cents Dementia Joe saved us.”

“Option C…he’s a low life lying dog face pony soldier who puts cold meat on the grill.”

“Typical liberal hacks playing for the optics. All staged. Grill not on Beer not open Shirt right out of the bag Wake up morons!”

“Cold grill. Unopened beer. “

“This wacky pandering is right up there with carrying spicy sauce in your purse.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t fake a southern black accent and smother his icy cold burgers in hot sauce in this video.”

“His pandering is nearly as repulsive as his uncooked burgers.”

“I’m curious if he obtained permission from the government to hold such a massive barbecue. Terry, the country has not returned. It’s completely off course and on its way to a massive cliff.”

“I bet he spent the extra sixteen cents Dementia Joe saved us on all that stuff.”

“Option C…a he’s scumbag lying dog face pony soldier who grills cold meat.”

“Typical liberal hacks who are just interested in the optics. Everything has been staged.

Don’t these elitist communist Democrats think we’re all complete morons?

They aren’t “regular Americans.” They’re a group of bloodthirsty Satanists that want to destroy the country.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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