There is No New Pandemic; Around Half of The New Cases Are Among the Vaxxed, and the Vaxxed are “Carrying” the Delta and Infecting the Unvaccinated

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The following is exactly what I’ve seen in the reports I’ve looked at. Del does a fantastic job putting everything together.

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Especially at the start, when they gather all of the liars to spread the myth that there is an epidemic among the unvaccinated. The vaccinated account for 99 percent of new cases.

There also appears to be a scarcity of “cases” in my opinion. The Delta variation appears to be real, with less symptoms and easier treatment.

For example, Milwaukee has the worst raging COVID in the state, three times worse than anywhere else…… There are 30 instances for every 100,000 people.

The CDC said that they would no longer follow COVID in those who had been vaccinated; this was a deliberate tactic, and the CDC confessed it.

This gives rise to the myth that unvaccinated people account for 99 percent of new cases.

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