There Are a Lot of Bizarre Liberal “Pro-Vaccine” Videos to Watch… But This One is by Far the Most Bizarre…

The vaccine frenzy has reached unprecedented heights thanks to the left.

They can’t seem to stop signing about the vaccine as if it were a Broadway production.

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Instead of being a simple shot, they’ve elevated it to a strange “ritualistic” level, where wearing a bandaid on one’s arm is the equivalent of getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

And this weird video of a mature man performing a “vaccine” rendition of a song from the film “Frozen” encapsulates just how creepy their devotion to this virus is.

Take a look:

Of course, the responses to this video were incredibly harsh:

“How many people are missing in his neighborhood?” “I’m sure they’re in his backyard…”

“Perhaps he’ll create another jingle on the blood clotting he’ll most certainly experience in the future.”

“I’m not convinced he understands the concept of a countdown.”

“Doesn’t this guy live at home with his mother?”

“There’s a difference between being a nerd or a fan and living your life as if you’re a child who refuses to grow up. The latter is this guy.”

“Politicizing immunizations is necessary because health is vital, but his ‘mental wellness’ is much more crucial. Also, “my right-wing buddies.” Does he have right-wing friends? I thought they weren’t supposed to talk to right-wingers if they were on the left because they might be converted.”

It’s almost as if the virus and vaccine have become a religion for these people.

Most likely because they feel it “defeated” President Trump, which is why they revere it.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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