Theories Suggest That Trump 2024 Could Be What Nixon Was in 1968

If you’ve been paying attention to the American political scene recently, you’ve probably noticed something unusual. Donald Trump is sending a message of restraint.

Some of us believe that banning the former president from Twitter and Facebook two years ago would have aided his 2020 campaign. The former president is known for having thin skin and picking conflicts over minor issues. Much of it is a diversionary tactic, but some of it is self-serving due to a serious lack of message discipline.

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He appears to be growing as a result of his mistakes. His recent speech to the North Carolina Republican Party was not very fiery, and his soon-to-be-released communications platform will not include a feature that allows users to directly communicate with Trump.

In 1960, Richard Nixon lost the presidency to John F. Kennedy in a rigged election. Most reputable historians now acknowledge this. Bribes and ballot box stuffing by Democrats in Illinois and Texas gave Kennedy the states and hence the election. In 1962, Nixon ran for governor of his home state of California but was defeated by Democrat Pat Brown. After the loss, he delivered his now-famous line to the press. “You don’t have Nixon to kick around any longer,” he remarked in front of 100 reporters at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, “because, guys, this is my last press conference.” It wasn’t the case.

Nixon met down with his staff and advisors to assess the political landscape after the sting of back-to-back failures subsided. They noticed there was a problem with the goods. It was gloomy, a little crooked, and lacked charm. They recalled the old political adage that “it’s better if they like you than if they agree with you.” As a result, they renamed the product the “New Nixon.”



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