The Young Generation Suffers Pretty Serious Side Effects From the COVID Jab

And we dare to speak about this FDA-approved “cure” as the best for humanity, from humanity, in this advanced global system of the 21st century?!

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Different rules have ALWAYS existed for the different social classes. But, democracy was invented and implemented to stand against this. But apparently, democracy is a lie, since this is still ongoing. It is just being very well disguised with the “news broadcasting”. Or better yet to say -spreading the big fat lie to keep the higher social class comfortable in the truth…

A new scientific study has confirmed the most terrifying truth. That the COVID jab – the one made from Pfizer (like the other ones are very different…) is seriously damaging a very high percentage of the young population that has taken the shot…

The Epoch Times has reported,

“For boys with no underlying health conditions, the chance of either CAE or hospitalization for CAE, after their second dose of mRNA vaccination are considerably higher than their 120-day risk of COVID-19 hospitalization, even at times of peak disease prevalence.

The long-term consequences of this vaccine-associated cardiac inflammation are not yet fully defined and should be studied,” the researchers concluded in their study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed and was published on the medrxiv server.”

“Following the second dose of the vaccine, the group found a 162.2 per million incidence rate of cardiac adverse events in boys aged 12-15, around three times higher than estimated by the CDC. In boys aged 16-17, the group also found a higher rate than estimated by the CDC by around 40%, 94 individuals per million vaccinations. The rate of adverse events was also higher than estimated by the CDC amongst girls, 13 and 13.4 per million in those aged 12-15 or 16-17, respectively.

In individuals having received only one dose of the vaccine, adverse event rates were much lower in all groups, 12 and 8.2 per million in boys aged 12-15 and 16-17, respectively. The rate was similarly reduced in girls, with no risk of adverse events in those aged 12-15 and only 2 per million in 16-17-year-olds. The group found that 15% of adverse events occurred following the first dose of the vaccine, with the majority after the second. Most adverse events occurred two days after vaccination, with 91.5% occurring within five days.”


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