The Windham, New Hampshire Audit Finished Before It Started! Two Auditors Have Conflicts With Pelosi And Schumer!

N.H. patriots who fought to get the N.H. audit off the ground have been subverted and sabotages, and they weren’t even aware. We have shocking news about the primary roles which run the audit.

The smooth flow of the audit was disturbed by top Dems leadership in the U.S. Congress, Nancy Pelosi (House Speaker), and Chuck Schumer (Senate Majority Leader), through the auditors themselves. Philip Stark and Barbara Simons, the board chair of Verified Voting and a member of Soros’ elite Democracy Alliance Board, are representatives to the corrupt and powerful EAC.

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Stark was Pelosi’s appointee in 2016, and Simons Harry Reid’s in 2008, later was re-affirmed by Schumer.

Two NH election auditors, Stark and Lindeman, and co-director at Verified Voting are directly tied and loyal to the American Democrat-progressive machine.

The Deep State Dem machine has a hardcore political interest in keeping the status quo of all results of the last elections. New Hampshire’s not an exclusion.

Harry Hursti hid his relationships with the two auditors, to which he does have professional ties. Why?

The Democrat-socialist lead audit isn’t fair, impartial, and nonpartisan. The audit agenda is not what the N.H. patriots fought for, and they wanted election honesty, transparency, and integrity.

N.H.’s Diebold AccuVote OS voting machines are notorious for their straightforward way of hacking. Harry Hursti was the one ‘’hacker’’ who in 2005 proved to the country that Diebold memory cards are hackable. Furthermore, he confirmed that the hacks he made could not be detected.

All Hursti did was take a Diebold, credit card-sized memory card, quickly pre-program it using an inexpensive, readily available agricultural scanning device, and stick it in the Diebold optical scanner. No keys or passwords were needed. His hack happened fast. This staged election in which the outcome was known by all, ended up with Hursti’s hacked memory card secretly deciding the “election,” and whose count reflected Hursti’s choice.

This person proved that there are multiple other ways that these Diebold memory cards could be hacked, and he demonstrated one of them.

Hursti figured out how to hack into the memory card … He learned how to hide votes, make losers out of winners, and leave no trace, [Bev Harris] said.

Diebold, a couple of times stated that their machines are safe and secure to be used. After that, the stunning moment in American history was created and witnessed by Bev Harris, Ion Sancho, and Susan Pynchon.

It was a groundbreaking moment in the U.S. election integrity history that was referred to as Hursti Hack. The name of the documentary produced in 2006 is Hacking Democracy.

You can see a part of that documentary in the video below.

Diebold Election Systems in 2007 changed its name into Premier Election Solution, partially purchased in 2010 by Dominion Voting Systems. Of course, that’s the company whose machines are forensically audited in Maricopa County, AZ.

Harris said: “Following the Florida demonstration, New Hampshire chose to purchase the voting machine make and model that Hursti had proven to be tamperable.”

In Hursti’s testimony, we can hear him saying how untrustworthy the machines were.

If you are believing on poll tape, that doesn’t mean a thing because I can control the whole thing over whatever logic and accuracy that you perform just before the election. Because I have control. I can compare the date, the time. And so, to be producing fraudulent tape, I will be producing fraudulent video only on Tuesday evening. And I don’t worry about what ballots go through.

In 2007, the Diebold machines and memory cards that Hursti said could be secretly controlled were the same that Lindeman, Hursti, and Stark were supposed to audit.

An audit of the machines’ memory cards is useless, and Hursti presented that 16 years ago. His agreeing to audit the memory cards is indefensible and suspicious.

On May 3, the NH, Ag, and SoS, took him as an auditor in their team. Later, on May 5, every evidence of Hursti’s involvement as an advisor was deleted.

Furthermore, Philip Stark is the third auditor, and he’s one of the three Nordic Network team members. After February 26, 2021, Stark’s name was deleted from the webpage.

The three auditors aren’t professional, independently-functioning groups of auditors. And regarding the computer scientists, it appears that another entity, profession that works with, and affected out American election infrastructure and has been compromised.


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