The will ENSLAVE Humanity: The End Of The World as We Know It

VEry simmilar with a movie script – |Matrix, the Terminator – a microchip is the smallest thing that will bring the biggest change in the world. Humans back to being slaves – but to their own inventions that will outgrow them.

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To get to the core of the point, here’s a story to relate.

“Transistor technology was first studied and developed in the 1940s by studying non-terrestrial craft crash hardware that was first acquired by the US military in the Roswell crash of June, 1947. This technology was quickly handed to powerful American corporations who soon announced the “discovery” of the transistor. This topic is too detailed to explore here, but a good overview of the reverse engineering of non-terrestrial technology is found at this link on, which writes:

“In December 1997, Jack Shulman, as president and CEO of the American Computer Company in Cranford, New Jersey, would claim to have in their possession proof that technology recovered from the crash site of Roswell was reverse engineered [1] and then patented as great American scientific breakthroughs in technology. Shulman would particularly focus on the patenting of the transistor by the Bell Labs company. And asked a vaguely disguised question as “what if” they hadn’t actually invented their technology? But merely reverse-engineered it?

According to these documents, the transistor developed at Bell Labs, most notably credited to Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley, was, in fact, “provided” to the company. What’s more, when some researchers have investigated the history of the transistor prior to Bell’s groundbreaking technological marvel, there is no obvious developing point between all that came before and Bell Lab’s version.”

And indeed – by December of 1947 — and seemingly out of nowhere — Bell Laboratories had managed to demonstrate the first Earth-made transistor, which by any honest analysis appears to violate the laws of physics. (All transistors are quantum devices.) Transistor technology was then heavily researchers and refined throughout the 1950s and beyond.

The Earth is being prepared for the post-humanity era.

“he widespread usage of MOSFET devices is now ushering in the digital technocracy surveillance state that allows tyrannical governments to surveil and monitor citizens: their movements, transactions, internet activity, speech histories and more. Today, billions of people carry spy devices with them at all times. These are called “mobile phones” and they watch and listen to people while uploading surveillance details to “the cloud” where it is analyzed by highly complex computing systems in order to control and manipulate humanity. (People also foolishly install Alexa and Ring devices in their homes, literally inviting spy devices into their own private spaces.)

The mass monitoring of humanity through digital means is the necessary step for non-terrestrial AI systems to surveil and control the entirety of the human race. We have covered this in great detail in a recent article and podcast about exopolitical Artificial Intelligence and the plot to depopulate planet Earth. Right now, Earth is being prepared for a post-human future, and the humans who currently populate Earth are being persuaded to commit biological suicide via vaccine bioweapons injections. This is a species-wide self-immolation campaign under the guise of a “pandemic” that doesn’t even exist.

Importantly, the “crash” of non-terrestrial craft in the 1940s just coincidentally allowed these microprocessors to fall into the hands of humans who then built the global technology surveillance grid that is now enslaving humanity and forcing billions into vaccine suicide.”

There are NO coincidences!

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