“The View” Goes Lower Than Ever…Bashes Rush and His Listeners in Hateful Rant (VIDEO)

The death of conservative radio speaker, Rush Limbaugh, and the media bomb it made shakes the attention of the celebrities and they have something more to say about this too.

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After the death of someone, usually people always speak their best about the one that died, wishing in that manner a fair well in the afterlife, giving him peace. However, the women speakers in the ABV talk show “The View” went on so far with their hatred speech, you can suggest that between words, they are sending him to Hell.


“I remember listening to him as a kid growing up, and for me, he just normalized hatred,” noted co-host Sunny Hostin in one occasion. “He normalized racism, and I think he really weaponized White male grievance, and he hardened these rural White listeners, people sitting in their trucks in the middle of America, and in the south, listening to Rush Limbaugh.”

This being said, she continued on and on with political issues, such as the comment that he “paved the way for “Trumpism”.

And the only conservative on the panel speech, Meghan McCain, confronted this hatful speech, mentioning that he was to her and her family “infotainment”.

However, the evil comments went on by Sunny.  “This is someone who spewed racism and hatred, yet he is now considered I guess an influential person in building the modern Republican Party and conservatism … I don’t know that that’s something to be proud of,” she said.

And at the end, Sara Haines crowned the hatful speech with her statement.

“At the end of our lives, it’s just us, answering for everything we did, who we were, what we said, and how we treated people,” Haines said. “And so now, Judgment Day has arrived for Rush Limbaugh.”

He’s probably turning in his grave right now, with his name being mentioned in vain and for bad.

What do you have to say about this awful event?


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