Docs Rock The Vax Protests: “We Are Not One Doctor, We Are 17 Thousand Doctors!”

Finally proud of doctors. Let’s hope we shall be proud of them inside the hospitals in near future!

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On Sunday, tens of thousands of patriots gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to protest the vaccine mandates and “vax passes” that are dividing this nation for no logical reason.

“Those in attendance included firefighters and nurses who have lost their jobs or risk doing so for declining the jab as well as concerned moms. The crowd also included those who are pro-vaccine but anti-mandate,” Bizpacreview reported.

“The goal is to show a unified front of bringing people together — vaccinated, unvaccinated, Democrats, Republicans, all together in solidarity,” one of the event organizers told The Washington Post. A former lifelong Democrat told the Post that “This is not a political thing. If you want to get the vaccine, get it.”

“You’re going to hear a lot of people talk about on the left say this is a big, anti-vax rally — it’s people coming in to deny science. But this march is about the mandate, and this march is about the draconian measures that we’re seeing all across this country right now, especially in places like D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco,” march organizer Will Witt told Fox News Digital prior to the event.

One doctor by the name of Richard Urso really got the crowd riled up when he announced how many doctors support the movement.

He said “We are not one doctor. We are seventeen thousand doctors!!!”

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