The Vaccinated Pandemic – Vaccinated People Account for 70% of Covid-19 Deaths Since February, According to the Latest PHE Report

Because of the threats now being made to give an experimental Covid-19 injection to children against the advice of the JCVI, and the confirmation that vaccine passports will be introduced in the United Kingdom from October, you may not be aware that Public Health England has released a report at the same time revealing that 70% of Covid-19 deaths since February are people who have been exposed to the vaccine.

The study, titled ‘SARS-CoV-2 variations of concern and variants under investigation in England,’ is the 22nd technical briefing on claimed variants of concern in the United Kingdom, and it makes for fascinating reading until you realize what the numbers are really telling us.

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PHE has put together a handy table that illustrates the number of alleged confirmed Delta variant cases in the UK, as well as the number of claimed Delta variant deaths. The chart shows that there have been 492,528 claimed confirmed instances of the Delta variant from February 1, 2021 to August 29, 2021. In the last 28 days, 144,067 of these had been confirmed.

According to the data, persons who have not been vaccinated account for just 44% of alleged confirmed Covid cases, while those who have been fully vaccinated account for 23% of alleged confirmed cases. People who had taken one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination at least 21 days prior to their allegation make up another 16% of the claimed instances.

As seen in the table above, approximately twice as many people who have not been fully vaccinated account for confirmed Covid-19 infections as those who have been fully vaccinated. When the number of people who have gotten one dose of Covid-19 is included in, the number of cases in the vaccinated group (222,693) actually exceeds the number of cases in the unvaccinated population.

The authorities had no idea whether the Covid-19 vaccines would function when they were given emergency use authorization. The restricted trials only looked at whether or not a vaccinated person would get sick if infected with Covid-19; they didn’t look at whether or not a vaccinated person would get sick if infected with Covid-19.

Although the vaccinated population outnumbers the unprotected population in terms of infections, you’d think that the number of persons who have reportedly died from the Delta strain would reflect the opposite?

Because we’ve been told time and time again that the Covid-19 vaccines are our only hope for returning to normalcy, and that we must come forward, roll up our sleeves, and get the shot when it’s time. So the vaccines

must perform exactly what they claim to do?

That’s probably why they’re so desperate to give a child an experimental shot.

Unfortunately, it appears that we have been duped, and the Covid-19 vaccines, rather than being our path back to normalcy, appear to be the polar opposite. Because, according to data released by Public Health England, the number of reported deaths caused by the Delta form is not only higher, but astronomically higher among those who have taken two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination.

Since February 2021, there have been 1,698 deaths due to the Delta Covid-19 strain, all of which have been connected to vaccination status. Despite the fact that the majority of second vaccinations were given between April and June, just 30% of those who received them were unvaccinated.

Fully vaccinated people account for 64.25 percent of Covid-19 deaths since February 2021, and when partially vaccinated people are included, they account for 70%. However, because PHE does not consider people who have received two doses of a Covid-19 injection to have received two doses if the second dose has not been given for two weeks, many of the deaths in the partly vaccinated population may have actually been people who had received two doses of a Covid-19 injection.

But, in terms of the danger of death if infected with the Delta Covid-19 variety, what does this mean? That is to say, people who have been fully vaccinated face a much higher chance of death.

There have been 536 deaths.


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