The Unforgivable Statement of The Harry/Meghan Interview that Shattered Prince William

Royal expert Katie Nicholl is speaking out days after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey aired, claiming that it left Prince William “devastated.”

“This interview has devastated William. Remember, the Duchess of Cambridge is being pulled into this whole saga, which William would dislike, and the relationship between father and son is at an all-time low,” Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight.

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“I think Kate being pulled into this would be disturbing for Kate, who has worked very hard behind the scenes to mediate between William and Harry,” the expert added. “The brothers’ quarrel has caused her considerable sorrow. Don’t forget, she was a close friend of Harry’s.”

It’s unforgivable that Harry and Meghan pulled Kate into this, and it’ll most definitely destroy the brothers’ friendship forever.

Nicholl went on to say that it’s unknown what kind of relationship Harry and William will have in the future at this point.

She said, “Harry has said time is a healer, and he is correct.” “However, I assume it is far too early to discuss some kind of family reunion because there are so many raw emotions here.”

Nicholl blamed Harry for saying in the interview that his brother is stuck, saying that it was unjust of him to say so.

She explained, “Harry was born in a very different position than William — he was born the spare, while William was born the heir.” “William has always been mindful of his responsibilities and birthright. I’m sure there have been moments when he has resented the establishment he was born into, and times when he has fought back.

There have definitely been moments when William has struggled with his birthright, but I don’t believe he’s stuck in the institution, and I don’t believe it’s Harry’s place to tell in any case.”

In the days leading up to the interview, Nicholl said their father, Prince Charles, had been “despairing over the interview.” When talking about him and Meghan stepping down from the royal family, Harry did also make derogatory remarks about his father to Oprah, saying that Charles had stopped taking his calls.

“There came a point when Charles really didn’t want to hear what Harry and Meghan were suggesting any longer,” Nicholl explained.

“Instead, he asked him to send an email, which Harry declined to do because he was afraid it would leak, and Harry was completely right. He took matters into his own hands because it had leaked to the press.”

“Charles does not come out on top in all of this,” she said. “Harry has confirmed that his father has let him down. It must have been difficult for Harry to say publicly, and it must have been even more difficult for Prince Charles to hear. … Charles was unquestionably supportive of them in the run-up to the wedding. On the day of Meghan’s wedding, he was overjoyed to be able to lead her down the aisle.

At the time, he and his son, Meghan, and [his wife] Camilla, had such a close friendship that Charles invited them to stay with them at the castle in Scotland — a rare opportunity.”

“So, when Charles wouldn’t sit down and discuss what Harry and Meghan wanted for the future over the phone, this closeness soon turned into frustration and detachment, and that’s when we understand the relationship unraveled,” she concluded. “However, for Charles to discover that he feels deceived by Harry would be excruciatingly painful.”


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