The U.S. Military Is Biden’s Political Attack Machine!

After Tucker Carlson attacked the U.S. Military for helping to the death of the republic, the Department of

The defense’s response was swift and unforgivable.
The newest article of has the headline: “Press Spokesman destroys Host for Despicable Suggestion about U.S. Military Use.”

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It was the answer to an MSNBC host, where she used the show to humiliate the contributions of the U.S. military in handling riots, protests, and potentially violent behavior on the streets. Using these arguments, the host pointed out that the U.S. military help to bring the death of the republic.

The spokesperson angrily replied to these offends.

“Let me be clear,”

“The U.S. military’s mission is to defend the nation against all threats, foreign and domestic. At the same time, it guarantees the people’s liberties to protest peacefully and to petition the government for a redress of their grievances. We would never use them to squash First Amendment-guaranteed liberties. Any suggestion by this cable news host to the contrary is scurrilous and an absolute outrage.”

The military leaders immediately formed the crew of condemnation.

“I’ll remind everyone that her [Rachel Maddow’s] opinion — which she has a right to — is based off of actually zero days of service in the armed forces,”

Another chief who has 38 years of military service experience said that he has never heard such humiliating words for the U.S. military in his life.

”To suggest we would ever employ our brave men and women in uniform to suppress peaceful protest is disreputable and an insult to our fighting force.”

The Trump Department of Defense cannot find itself guilty and offended by Maddow’s words because they haven’t done any of those things. But Biden DoD just did!

Attacking a Pundit for What He Didn’t Say!

Last week Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, addressed DoD for sharing the jumpsuit for pregnant women. Flight suits are for pilots to wage the nation’s wars. It is inadequate for the military to issue flight suits for pregnant women who aren’t fighting in our nation’s wars.

For example, when in Iraq, two women were pregnant, the U.S. Military prioritized bringing them back to the U.S. Twenty-four hours haven’t passed, but they were already home. Both women wanted to stay, but the DoD doesn’t allow pregnant women in the war zones.

Regardless of Carlson’s statement’s accuracy, he showed his point of view, and that is immaterial. He is right, and he has the right to say that.

Maybe the DoD’s leaders disagree with his opinion, and that is okay, too. They could make a press briefing and destroy Carlson with two moves. But, no. The DoD shared an article with the headline “Press Secretary Smites Host that Dissed Diversity in the U.S. Military. ”

Carlson didn’t do any of these things. He only issued sending pregnant women to the war because of the designed jumpsuits.

Press Spokesperson John Kirby, is a retired Navy admiral, could solve the problem with a straightforward statement.

“No, the U.S. military does not send pregnant women to war. Pilots may wear flight suits in day-to-day duties stateside, and this does not imply we send pregnant women to war.”

And, again, no. He decides to attack Carlson for all the things he didn’t say.

Information < Disinformation

Defense Governor is a tool for informing the troops and the public about the military’s events.

“The mission of is to support the overall mission of the Department of Defense by providing official, timely and accurate information about defense policies, organizations, functions, and operations. is the single, unified starting point for finding military information online.”

The reporter Jim Garamone in his article, said:

“Fox cable show host used his show to denigrate the contributions of women in the military and to say the Chinese military is catching up to the U.S. military because it does not allow women to serve in the percentage the United States does.”

Is this what Carlson really said? It doesn’t matter, even if he said that, how can DoD criticize someone’s opinion. DoD’s governor’s responsibility is to find the disinformation and share it publicly. Currently, they used a federal government profession to target the journalists that work for destruction.

Using the Military to Attack Political Viewpoint

This is a waste of words. How can DoD spokesperson do so much wrong to its profession and the entire military? You cannot allow one journalist’s opinion to frustrate you so much that you will humiliate the military. It is a disaster.

According to the Federalist:
“This is a gross violation of DoD’s own Principles of Information against engaging in propaganda. Congress specifically prohibits military public affairs from functioning as a public relations firm for the DoD. That is why it is called public affairs and not public relations. Despite this, the DoD has just abused its public affairs resources to arguably violate statutes and DoD regulations. It unarguably violated longstanding norms of propriety and its own principles of information.”

The way Military should talk to the media!

A thing called a hierarchy of credibility is when servicemen speak to the press. He says his mind. The problem comes when he talks about what he isn’t informed about. Just as the current problem.

He must share his opinion and say whether they are informed or share disinformation. But public affairs’ job is to put the report in his line and speak honestly.

They are damaging Military effectiveness and credibility.

General Paul E. Funk thinks that he is right, and he is cleaver with the tweet against Carlson. But he harmed his credibility and the military’s credibility as well.

After his troops see this statement, they will regard him with less respect than usual. According to them, he started a propaganda campaign to take the DoD’s credit, only to humiliate Tucker because he shared his opinion.

Carlson is a very stable host, so that he can survive this onslaught. But what about the journalists that are less stable. Those have a family to feed, so they won’t risk everything when they witness this incredible destructive display by Kirby.

Retired Military Should Also Speak Out.

I don’t adore the retired military people, and I don’t support them to speak on political issues.
But when they speak for military issues, they are the reliable source to believe in their story.

For example, I support that they spoke about the event on January 6, the government’s attack. Again, they have to do the same and condemn the government’s assault on a free press.

This time the military experienced a severe backlash, and they have to realize that they are the only ones guilty.

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