The Truth About Simon Cowell And The $175,000 Payout

I believe you are all familiar with the name of the young dancer who touched the heart and soul of America – Julia Charlie.

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The young and aspiring dancer, that suffered from scoliosis and desperately needed expensive spine surgery, maybe got a lucky charm!

According to the story, published and written by America Now,

Despite suffering from a spine deformity called scoliosis, the young dancer superstar pushed through the pain and suffering and made it all the way to the world-renown stage of Britain’s Got Talent – where she was able to meet Simon Cowell once and for all.

Determined not to let scoliosis be her story, she pushed through and delivered an amazing performance despite the spinal deformity that was holding her back. She even helped her dance team MerseyGirls get a standing ovation from the judges, including the critical Simon Cowell. When the camera stopped rolling, Simon Cowell approached the young dancer, who was just 15-years-old with a life-changing proposition. Julia was desperate to win the prize money for a special reason – she needed surgery on her spine.

Although the causes of scoliosis are unknown, treatment is available. It is some type of abnormal growth of the spine, which can run in families. It varies by age but often becomes visible between the age of 10 and 15. If she won the money from Britain’s Got Talent, she would use it to straighten her spine.

Julia needed to travel from the UK to the United States for the surgery. And if it worked, which it promised, she would no longer have to deal with the curved spine and would still be able to dance. Treatment in the UK under the NHS would leave her spine too stiff for her to be a dancer.”

“Unfortunately, Julia’s dance group did not win the competition. She did not have the money to get the life-saving surgery. But that’s when an unlikely angel stepped forward. Simon Cowell cut Julia a $200,000 check so she could get her spine straightened. He was inspired by her and wanted her to succeed. He also wanted to put his money to good use.”

That wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Simon Cowell. Not only she wouldn’t have ever danced again – but she even might get other serious body failures and eventually ended up dead. After the surgery, he personally came to visit her in the hospital, on which occasion he invited her and her family to watch the X-Factor.

“He said I was looking really great. When I told him he’d changed my life, he said, ‘No, you’ve changed my life!’ He gave me a big hug, and when I told him I could dance again, he said, ‘I’m so proud of you.’”

I have never ever been fond of Simon, but this story raised his place in my heart for at least by 50%!

What’s your personal opinion about this?


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