”The Truth About J6!” Premiere! [Exclusive Photos]

The latest documentary about January 6 will premier on The Gateway Pundit!

The film will be historic because it will be narrated by January 6th Political prisoner Jake Lang from solitary confinement.

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Here’s the trailer for “The Truth January 6.”

The groundbreaking documentary contains footage that hasn’t been released that you have to see. The documentary was produced by Edward Jacob Lang, the most persecuted January 6 defendants and political prisoners.

“Lang is moved around and targeted a lot because he finds a way to talk to the media and expose the Biden Regime,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “They are trying to silence him by moving him from place to place.”

The documentary was told by Lang from solitary confinement with his team. He hasn’t seen the documentary because of the harsh conditions as a political prisoner but could provide detailed commentary due to his first-hand experience as an eyewitness and participant on January 6.

“I lived through it,” said Lang. “I saw it with my own eyes. It is my story. I do not need to see the video. It is forever embedded in my memory.”

“Hopefully, after seeing this documentary, the public will remove the lens of distortion and the outrageous censorship that we have seen in the mainstream media for the January 6 event,” said Lang. “This documentary really shows the actual full scope of the event. It shows the protesters that were brutally assaulted and ambushed by the Capitol Police- and in some cases even murdered on the steps of our own Capitol. I think it is a great opportunity for people to draw their own conclusions about January 6 and escape the mainstream media’s false narrative.”

TGP got critical footage that will premier in the documentary, and it includes a close-up clip of Lang saving the life of Philip Anderson.

Also, you can see Shane Jenkins helping Lang in pulling Anderson away from the pile.

The never footage included in “The Truth About January 6” was taken in the vicinity of the death of Rosanne Boyland. Her friend Justin Winchell is seen pleading with other protesters to save his friend Boyland from the police.

The truth about January 6 is that the day was more nuanced than the fake news media has portrayed it. There were zones around the Capitol that were peaceful and areas that were more violent.

“The documentary will illustrate that one of the areas with the most mayhem was the West Capitol Steps around the time of the death of peaceful protester Rosanne Boyland. From afar, it looks like protesters were randomly hurling objects at police and swinging hockey sticks and flagpoles in their direction. This never made sense as most of these guys are former military and law enforcement that support the police.” The Gateway Pundit reported.

After a deep investigation, evidence emerged that the men in this scene weren’t attacking the police. “They saw something and were reacting.”

The brutal beating of protested Rosanne Boyland by Police Officer Lila Morris.

“They also witnessed cops beating other women like Victoria White. They witnessed the massive use of force by police as they teargassed protesters and pushed the crowd into a deep pile. Police continued to douse the crowd with tear gas that literally created a deathtrap where protesters started to suffocate and pass out. Fellow protesters that desperately tried to assist the fallen were struck by police or teargassed as they begged for help.” TGP added.

The government lied to us that Rosanne died of a drug overdose.

“Lang is a hero,” said Ryan. “He saved two lives and is also seen trying to save Rosanne Boyland as cops attacked her. Yet he perishes in solitary confinement, a prisoner of The Biden Regime, for saving the lives of two peaceful American protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.”

There are close to a dozen men that are sitting in jail or waiting for a trial that was close to the West Capitol Steps, including Ronald McAbee, Jonathan Mellis, Shane Jenkins, Jeff Sabol, Peter Stager, Jack Whitton, Michael Lopadic, Clayton Ray Mullins, Logan Barnhart, Luke Coffee, and Michael Foy.

There’s proof that still isn’t available to the public but shows many of the prisoners attempting to help the fallen that have been hidden from the public.

“We have to change the hearts and minds of the average American, the moderates, the fair Democrats,” said Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “We have to make them understand there was more to that day than what they were told. It is imperative, or these men will never get a fair trial by jury. The truth is with fighting for.”

“There is so much at stake with January 6,” said Lang. “If we can let them re-write the election results, the peaceful uprising and the protest of those falsified election results- then they know they have the power to re-write and change any historical event they want in the future. They know they can totally dupe the American people out of more elections and out of movements in our history. The MAGA movement and the culmination of it on January 6 was a patriotic movement that was unrivaled. Pray God there will be more movements that will rise up and stand firm on our Constitution. We can’t let these movements get re-written as more “insurrections” and whatnot. This is the foundation of our country- people standing up for liberties. It is very important we get the true narrative of January 6 solidified, widespread, and known to everybody.”


The Gateway Pundit

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