The True Relationship Between Obama and Biden – It Will SURPRISE You

If you had to pick a “BFF” in whom to go through life, make sure you don’t choose Obama because he sounds like an awful best friend.

Biden spent the better part of the primary, as you already know, saying that he and Obama were the greatest and closest mates in the world.

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How does anyone miss a goofy tweet about this?

President Joe Biden told Anderson Cooper late Tuesday night that he is still getting used to living in the White House Apartment, as during his eight years as vice president, he had “never been up in” the president’s personal quarters.

“Near the end of CNN’s town hall, Biden’s first since his inauguration, the president joked that every morning he still wakes up, turns to First Lady Jill Biden and asks, “Where the hell are we? ”

The revelation came when Joe Biden disclosed that, except for the “yellow room,” he had never once set foot in the White House residence in eight long years.

In other words, Obama has never once invited his best friend over for a visit in eight long years?

Doesn’t it sound like a really good “best buddy” is doing it?

To me, it sounds like Obama knows that Joe’s a scumbag.

It takes one to know one of them.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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