The True Reason Why Fox News CEO Has Run Away To Australia

He just packed his family and their suitcases and fled straight to Australia!

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But, have you ever wondered why?

And to leave in such manner? Almost like a thief… like he’s running away from something.

Lachlan’s Murdoch, apparently, left because of JOE BIDEN!

And the whole political fiasco with the media censorship and disgrace Biden and his administration have put over many big media companies in the States.

That’s why the Murdochs decided to flee to their Sydney home instead of sitting in LA, while the whole situation, especially with Fox News is “boiling”!

Here’s what the Daily Mail has reported on the subject.

“Lachlan Murdoch, his supermodel wife Sarah, and their three children quietly arrived in Australia from Los Angeles last month. And while no reason was given for the family’s return Down Under, a new report has claimed that it was the political climate in the US that helped make the decision for the family to leave LA in favor of their Sydney home.”

“According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the family ‘felt the cold winds of political change’ when Joe Biden assumed power over Donald Trump after the family-owned Fox News appeared to favor the Republican Party throughout the election campaign.”

‘They are mostly big fundraisers for Biden, so you can imagine how well it went down when one of their classmates’ dads is at the helm of the biggest anti-Biden machine in the country,” the reports states, regarding their 3 children.

So, instead of staying here and fighting this “nasty” political regime, which he obviously can’t stand, he runs away and seeks a hideout, just to leave out confrontation?

What a nice way to raise the future children of America…


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