The Sussmann Trial: Focus Is Directed To The FBI Leadership

The SubStack report was released on Monday evening. We have to get back on the Sussmann trial.

Bill Priestap’s testimony showed that he, in September 2016, was the FBI’s Assistant Director of Counterintelligence. In January, we monitored that Priestap had testified before the grand jury; he even said that he testified before the grand jury in June 2021.

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Before we start, we can give a little background on Priestap.

Priestap approved the opening of Crossfire Hurricane and decided against defensive briefings provided to the Trump Campaign. He represented Peter Strzok’s supervisor and allowed the use of all classified human sources against the trump campaign.

James Baker, an ex-FBI general counsel, testified he talked with Priestap about the meeting with Sussmann, “repeated to Mr. Priestap that Michael had said that he was not there on behalf of a particular client, that he was there as a citizen, as a – essentially as a human source of information, confidential source.”

On trial today, Priestap saw the notes he took after the meeting with Baker. The note shared the conversation with Baker, saying Sussmann “said not doing this for any client.” Priestap added that the Alfa Bank/Trump Organization investigation fell under his control. Later, Priestap was asked about the importance of the motivations of sources to the FBI:

“Q: Based on your experience, if Mr. Sussmann had brought these allegations to the FBI on behalf of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, would that have mattered to the FBI?
Priestap: Again, the – somebody – anybody bringing information to the FBI, we’re interested – the FBI is interested in knowing the motivation of the person providing the information.”

Priestap confessed that he can’t remember the meeting with Baker and why he wrote that Sussmann wasn’t there on behalf of a client.

“Q: Do you remember anything more about why you wrote that down?
Priestap: I do not.
Q: You don’t remember anything about the context in which that was said to you?
Priestap: I do not.”

Sussmann was there to help the FBI, and he supposedly acted against his clients’ interest by stopping an article on the Alfa Bank allegation from being released. Priestap explained how the FBI could ask a newspaper not to release a story:

“Q: As a general matter, if the FBI knew that a newspaper story was coming out about a threat from a nation-state, are there ever occasions in which you would, at the FBI, want to ask a newspaper to hold off on running that story?
Priestap: Yes.
Q: Okay. And that’s because there are situations in which the FBI would want to have the chance to investigate before a story came out, right?

Priestap: Yes. If the FBI thought, let’s just say, that publicly revealing a certain matter could potentially negatively impact not just things the FBI was doing but potentially negatively impact the country, we’d want to have a conversation about it.”

Counsel for Sussmann gave Priestap the messages from the FBI’s internal messaging system, where Priestap talked about how the FBI’s leadership (Comey, McCabe) we’re intrigued about pursuing the Alfa Bank/ Trump allegations.

The FBI leadership had an influence on the investigations of this case, and that was notable, but also, it wasn’t an exception. It was the first time when we saw that the FBI leadership pushed the Alfa Bank hoax. But, this suits their broader pattern. William Barnett’s statement. He’s an FBI agent and part of the FBI’s investigation of Gen. Flynn. He stated it should be closed down.

FBI Agent Ryan Gaynor’s testimony.

Here is how he explained the steps of the FBI in the Alfa Bank investigation:

One agent found it to be BS:

Chicago Office wanted to know more about the source of Sussmann’s data; Curtis Heide mailed:

The Chicago Supervisor agreed:


Later there appeared an issue of another confidential human source. The Chicago Field Office was informed that the Alfa Bank allegations had been given to different media outlets, and this source “wasn’t Mr. Sussmann.”

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