The Strange Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon: Increased Cases After Using The Vaccine Reported!

Now, this is a truly scary phenomenon, and we could all wish it is just a matter of unwanted coincidence!

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But, we have to do our homework and research the other possibilities, such as the one that this is not a coincidence at all…

And let’s see those facts…

The COVID 19 crisis first stroke China, and it had casualties. However, the Sinovac vaccine is a Chinese domestically made vaccine, and the domicile there seems to be tolerating the vaccine, since, out of 100 million administered doses, there were no side effects or deaths reported.

However, 4 strange phenomena occurred afterward with the vaccine.

1. No Deaths Reported in China

“The first reported death after vaccination in Hong Kong occurred on Feb. 28. On March 28, within just one short month, 13 people in Hong Kong, aged 55 to 80, died after receiving the vaccination. Eleven of them were given the Sinovac shots, while the other two had received BioNTech.”

In addition, “an elderly woman in her eighties died at home the day after taking the Sinovac vaccine on March 20, but the Hong Kong Department of Health did not report it nor publicize the incident. The Department of Health responded in the early hours of March 31 that there was no direct causal relationship between her death and vaccination, thus not fulfilling the reporting criteria of AEFIs (Adverse Events Following Immunization).”

After 13 people died in Hong Kong after receiving the vaccine, the authorities responded on March 30, stating that “most of the cases died of cardiovascular disease and none of the individual cases were directly related to the vaccination.”

But many drugs have side effects. And vaccination is a mix of drugs. And this is a statement of  Law Cheuk You, staff and vice-chairman of Hong Kong Hospital Authority. He however stated that there is insufficient data to actually ban the Sinovac vaccine since there are only 11 deaths in 450.000 vaccinations.

2. Outbreak Intensifies in Countries Using Sinovac Vaccines

According to a report from a scientific journal, ”

The United Kingdom was the first country to start COVID-19 vaccinations, approving the use of the BioNTech vaccine in December before introducing the AstraZeneca vaccine in January this year. Their outbreak gradually eased after Jan. 9. The UK recorded 4,715 cases on March 27, down significantly from 6,187 cases the day before. In the United States and Israel, where the BioNTech vaccine was also chosen as the main vaccine, the epidemic also slowed down significantly after vaccination.”

“However, the number of confirmed cases in Chile, Turkey, and Pakistan, which chose to receive the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, has increased. Chile administered nearly 9 million doses of the Sinovac vaccines in February, with an average of 47 doses per 100 people, making it the country with the highest vaccination rate in South America. However, the number of positive test results recorded in Chile rose instead of fell, and a new high of 7,626 cases was recorded in a single day on March 26, leading to a tight supply of hospital beds and a recent lockdown of the capital city of Santiago.”

In addition, “Pakistan, which has been using the Chinese vaccine since early February, is now experiencing a third wave of the pandemic, with the national positivity ratio rising to 11 percent, the highest level since the outbreak. More than 20 cities have been “closed” due to the severity of the outbreak.”

“For countries that inject the vaccine produced by China’s Sinovac Biotech or National Pharmaceutical Group Corp, they should first ask China to provide such data on how much protection the Chinese have after receiving the vaccine,” Lin Xiaoxu, a former virology researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research stated.

3. Adverse Reaction Rate Similar to Placebo

” Although the CCP released data on the side effects of the Sinovac vaccine in clinical trials that is similar to those of the placebo group, on Jan. 6, state-run CCP media Xinhua reported that pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to receive the domestically made vaccine. It even recommends women postpone their pregnancy for three months after receiving the vaccine. A resident in mainland China also received a notice from his local community, saying that pregnancy should be postponed to six months after receiving the vaccine, implying that the Chinese vaccine may have serious side effects on fertility.”

“Those who administer vaccines now are actually crossing a river by feeling for stones, using human bodies for clinical tests,” Dr. Cheung said.

4. Politicized Mandatory Vaccination


Up until so far, it is clear that the Chinese vaccine data lacks transparency BIG TIMES!. That’s why we can’t get a clear picture of the side effects and the possibilities of a different approach for using the vaccine on different groups of patients, based on their age, gender, race, climate area, history of diseases, etc.

Since the vaccination process was not so popular in Chine, in order to speed this, the CCP politicized the vaccine, making it a mandatory thing!

The notice under the name of “Notice on Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control” stated: “All units must stand at the height of political considerations, follow the principle of ‘everyone must take it’ … with strict implementation, and hold responsibility.” “The Group will pursue any unit and individual that fails to advance the new COVID vaccination work for accountability.”

Mr. Wu, a mainland Chinese human rights lawyer, revealed: “The Chinese vaccine safety, quality, and effectiveness are very low. In the past, there were children who become disabled and mentally retarded after vaccination. [To develop the vaccines] in such a short time, they knew the quality was not good, but still forced over a billion Chinese people to accept it. It is too scary. It is really treating people’s lives as a joke.”


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