The Story That Slipped Out: Fox News Deletes Ukraine Nazi Bombshell

They always seem to forget one crucially important thing – the Internet is FOREVER.

And we have the video!

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Fox News’s report Bret Baier is a true one of a kind journalistic hero in the Fox News’ Arsenal.

While he interviewed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on April 1st, he wasn’t afraid to shoot direct and blurry questions that came to each one of us.

However, apparently,the media outlet decided to edit out Baier’s question to Zelensky about the infamous Azov battalion.

The Azov battalion has become a contentious subject – at least for the mainstream media when it comes to reporting on the neo-Nazi outfit operating in Ukraine under the command of the country’s military.

Yet, Baier asked Zelensky about this notorious unit, inquiring about some of the reports that have cropped up in recent weeks of this unit committing “atrocities” amidst the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

“I want to have you clear something up for us, and this is…these reports about the Azov battalion that is said to be a Nazi-affiliated organization operating as a militia in your country, said to be committing their own atrocities. What should Americans know about that unit, about those reports?”

Zelensky didn’t deny the neo-Nazi aspects of the Azov battalion in his response. In fact, he said, “They are what they are,” as if to move past that aspect and allege that the unit’s more horrific individuals were tried, convicted, and imprisoned back in 2014.

“So, Azov was one of those many battalions. They are what they are. They were defending our country. And later, I wanted to explain to you everything from all the components of those volunteer battalions later were incorporated into the military of Ukraine. Those Azov fighters are no longer a self-established group. They are a component of the Ukrainian military. Back in 2014, there were situations when our volunteers were encircled, and some of them did violate laws…of Ukraine. And they actually were taken to court and got prison sentences. So, law is above all.”

Watch the entire fiasco that ‘leaked out’ accidentally – but could never-ever be erased from the surface of the political global events on the Internet.

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