The Son Of Welsh Führer Mark Drakeford is a Convicted Rapist!

Make Drakeford is The First Minister of Wels. He has announced his Government will be enforcing absurd restrictions in response to the common cold (Omicron) spreading from person to person in the middle of Winter.

But, do you know his darkest secret?

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The Welsh Labour leader’s son is a convicted rapist and pedophile?

He has been so centred on making Welsh a strict and rigorous state.

He has made it unlawful to go to work “without a reasonable excuse” on pain of an on-the-spot fine, but it is OK to go to the pub where a rule of six is to apply once more with social distancing and masks.

And he’s up to something even worse.

“The £60 work charge will be imposed from Monday, December 27th, with companies hit with penalties of £1,000 every time they break the rule. The fine will apply to employees who travel into England to work even though it is not unlawful over the border,” The Expose reported.

“But with the UK Health Security Agency confirming that people infected with the Omicron variant are between 50 and 70 per cent less likely to be admitted to hospital than with the Delta variant, even the triple vaccinated are beginning to view Mark Drakeford as a tinpot dictator who is hungry for power and imposing restrictions for political reasons, purely because the UK Government has so far refused to do so.

But there may be another reason why Mark Drakeford is so keen to restrict the freedoms of the people in the country that he surprisingly leads, and that could be because he’s so used to seeing his own flesh and blood spend life without freedom,: The Expose followed.

“The son of Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford was sentenced to more than eight and a half years behind bars in 2018 after being found guilty of rape and assault.

Jonathan Drakeford brutally assaulted a woman in her early 20s with a leather spanking paddle before raping her, with prosecutors telling a shocked jury how he had “humiliated” his victim by forcing her to stand in a corner gagged with her own underwear.”

Jonathan Drakeford’s rape victim showed immense courage to testify against the monster, saying she was worried he would “come and get me again” and adding that “the effect this rape has had on my life is huge – emotionally, mentally and physically”.

“I have trouble sleeping because of flashbacks. I wake up thinking I can see him” she said. “I struggle going outside because I am scared I will see him.”

Prosecutor Wendy Brady said of his crimes: “Jonathan Drakeford took advantage of this woman’s vulnerabilities to indulge his sexual fantasies.

“He carried out a series of cruel and degrading acts knowing she did not consent.”

In addition to a lengthy prison sentence, Judge Furness imposed a 15-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order on the First Minister’s caged pervert son, who also admitted in court that he’d attempted to arrange the commission of a child sex offense.

Between November 1 and 17, 2016, he communicated with a girl he believed to be just fifteen years of age on Facebook, discussing potential travel arrangements for her to come to Cardiff. Fortunately, he was in fact speaking to a member of an anti-pedophile sting operation.

He denied responsibility for the messages to the police but later confessed in court.

What’s with sons of wealthy and powerful politicians?!

In what kind of manner have they been raised?!

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