The SECRET They Don’t Want You To Know You Already Possess!

In the podcast below, you will hear an astonishing, powerful secret that you possess. I won’t share it here in a text, but you can hear it in the video below.

The secret is the most powerful weapon that God gave you to defeat evil and free human civilization from the precipice of destruction.

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The fascinating part is that it works automatically when you spark it—the gift ripples across the globe’s consciousness.

The GOD gave you a mind, soul, and consciousness. However, we people don’t realize the true power and gift that we have because we have lived in a constant suppression of those gifts. Precisely that’s the role of the MSM, Hollywood, engineered emergencies, sports, substance addictions, and many other distractions.

The secret is that people don’t have to fight battles to win the war. You don’t have to convince anyone and don’t have to fight. The spark is in the process, and the laws of nature take over from that point.

We were all born with this gift; learn this process.

Demonic entities will try to change this gift and twist it, but you can’t live in fear. The necromancers are the Big Media, Tech, Government, and Big Pharma! They will do anything to change your mind.

We have been living under a suppressive grid – MATRIX, satanic minions designed to interfere with your connection to God. However, the victory over evil asks only simple choices and recognition of the power!

Every living being represents a weapon against evil and a tremendous power for good. It is simple, and you can easily recognize this!

Satan doesn’t have powers against the Infinite God, and God has placed an element of infinite power into our souls.

Watch the video below!

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Addison Wilson

A passionate teacher in English Language and Literature ready to give her best! Developing and implementing diverse curriculums covering a wide range of subjects. With my problem-solving skills, every job will be easily completed, so punctuation is my strength. Highly skilled at motivating students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive classroom instruction and observation. My working style fits every personality type, so it makes me a great team player. I have completed numerous journalistic projects successfully, so digging for further information is my field. Fighter for freedom of speech! The truth must be revealed!

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