The Russian Hoax Debunked Once-And-For-All!

Special Counsel John Durham’s bombshell indictment of Igor Danchenko, the primary source for the discredited Steele dossier, has failed.

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Or at least, the media has failed to report enough evidence.

Even one of the biggest promoters of the fake anti-Trump propaganda and support of this nonsense, The Washington Post, half-confesses they may have been (gasp) wrong about dragging the country down the endless Russia rabbit hole all along.

“A 2019 report by the Justice Department inspector general found major problems with the accuracy of Danchenko’s information. But the 39-page indictment unveiled Thursday paints a more detailed picture of claims that were allegedly built on exaggerations, rumors and outright lies. The indictment is likely to buttress Republican charges that Democrats and FBI agents intentionally or accidentally turned cheap partisan smears into a high-stakes national security investigation of a sitting president.”


OK. Let’s examine Durham’s indictment.

“Over time, the FBI attempted to investigate, vet, and analyze the Company Reports but ultimately was not able to confirm or corroborate most of their substantive allegations,” the indictment states.

“In the context of these efforts, the FBI learned that U.K. Person- 1 [Steele] relied primarily on a U.S.-based Russian national, Igor Danchenko (“Danchenko”) the defendant herein, to collect the information that ultimately formed the core of the allegations found in the Company Reports [Steele dossier]. From in or about January 2017 through in or about November 2017, and as part of its efforts to determine the truth or falsity of specific information in the Company Reports, the FBI conducted several interviews of Danchenko regarding, among other things, the information that Danchenko had provided to U.K.Person-1 (collectively, the “Interviews”),” the indictment says.

“As alleged in further detail below, Danchenko lied to FBI agents during these Interviews,” it adds, bluntly.

“Danchenko promised a State Department job in a Hillary Clinton Administration, then funneled the fake news to Christopher Steele, who worked for Fusion GPS. Fusion answered to Perkins Coie, the law firm working for Hillary Clinton, Democrats, or both,” Taft notes.

“The indictment says Danchenko, who was Fusion fabulist Christopher Steele’s ‘sub source 1’ in his pile of memos and sticky-note scribbles that Washington insiders persist in calling a ‘dossier,’ lied to FBI officials about where he got the intel,” she adds.

“All of the manufactured information was spoon fed to reporters, Senator John McCain, the FBI, and the DOJ, with the CIA chief’s knowledge,” she recounts.

The lies told by Danchenko were provided in bulletpoints by the great microblogger TechnoFog:

* Falsely denying he didn’t talk to the Democrat PR executive (Dolan) about the dossier allegations.
* Falsely stating he took a 2016 call from Russian Sergei Millian (whom he says alleged a Trump/Russia conspiracy).
* Falsely stating in another FBI interview that he took the 2016 call from Millian.
* Falsely stating he talked to Millian more than once over the phone.
* False in another FBI interview about his conversations with Millian.”

The lie about meeting Millian is particularly damaging, as Hans Mahncke points out.

“The employees of these media corporations know, deep down, what they did. They did the worst thing you can possibly do while calling yourself a “journalist”: they drowned US politics for years in a fake conspiracy theory funded and concocted by criminals for partisan gain. But we have heard so little about these indictments from these media figures. Why? Because they know that as long as they stay united in silence, the only people who will point out what they did are those they have frozen out of their circle and trained their audience not to hear

The NYT, the WPost, CNN, NBC and the digital liberal outlets are all vastly more guilty of what they have spent years claiming Trump and the GOP are: they basically ran a dangerous disinformation campaign, full of lies, in conjunction with CIA/FBI, and now won’t own up to it. From the start, Russiagate — which drowned US politics and dangerously ratcheted up tensions with a major nuclear-armed power — was concocted from whole cloth by serial liars paid for by the Clinton campaign and spread by their media servants: David Corn, Isikoff, Frank Foer. They all made a gigantic profit from this set of lies: all of them. Their ratings skyrocketed by scaring liberals about Kremlin control of the US. They wrote best-selling books and gave themselves Pulitzers based on this massive fraud. FBI lied to the FISA court. CIA fueled it all. In 2019, [Matt Taibbi] called Russiagate “this generation’s WMDs.”

“That was before these indictments. But from a media credibility perspective, this is worse. With WMD, they engaged in self-critique. With this, they never will: the media model doesn’t allow it. Instead of owning up to what they did, look at what they’re doing instead. Adam Schiff just wrote a book claiming Robert Muller is SENILE (to explain why he didn’t find the fake conspiracy).


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