The Reason Why The Government is so Determined to Ensure That Every Man, Woman, and Kid Receives the Covid-19 Vaccine is Because

Have you ever wondered why the government is so intent on ensuring that every man, woman, and child receives the Covid-19 vaccine? When you think about it, the solution is obvious.

They can’t have an unvaccinated “control group,” because if they do, it will be evident that the Covid-19 injections don’t work, cause serious injuries, and kill people.

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With more doctors, scientists, nurses, and other healthcare personnel waking up every day and blowing the whistle, authorities are in a rush to get as many people as possible to take the injection before they realize they’ve been duped.

The following is an excerpt from an article in the New York Times –

Israel, one of the world’s most immunized countries, suddenly has one of the highest infection rates, raising doubts about the vaccine’s efficacy.

The fourth wave of infections is swiftly approaching the peak of the pandemic in Israel last winter. In the previous two weeks, the daily rate of confirmed new viral infections has more than doubled, making Israel a major hotspot on the international map.

By the end of February, the vast majority of Israel’s senior population had gotten two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and about 78 percent of the population aged 12 and up had been fully vaccinated.

Israeli scientists have discovered growing indicators of decreasing protection among the completely inoculated, notably among the senior population who were the first to get vaccinated.

According to data released by Israel’s Ministry of Health in late July, the Pfizer vaccine was only 39% successful in preventing infection in Israel in late June and early July, compared to 95% from January to early April… This epidemic mostly spread in well-vaccinated, middle-class suburbs.

It’s evident that the story about Covid-19 injections being the only way back to normal has fallen apart. The same thing is happening in the United Kingdom, according to official data.

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Even though it is the middle of summer, the Covid-19 injections are definitely speeding up sickness and death. As a result, it’s probable that this coming winter may see the greatest wave of hospitalizations and deaths in history throughout the world’s most vaccinated countries.

However, the world’s population appears to be waking up to the incredible truth of it all. People are turning to the streets as the lockdowns become more severe, demanding an end to the totalitarian medical regime that has infested the Western world. Hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to the streets of France practically every day to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine passport system.

Curfews, not being allowed outside unless, for exercise, the closure of all parks, requiring a permit to leave home and go to work, and the military setting up checkpoints to ensure people do not venture more than 5km from their home are just some of the ridiculous laws imposed in the name of public health that Australians have begun to fight back against.

When they did fight back, however, they were confronted with pepper spray and rubber bullets, demonstrating that this is about control more than public health.

We appear to have reached a critical juncture. The rulers are aware that humanity is awakening at a rapid pace. As a result, the following few months might be pretty interesting.

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