The Real ‘Enemies of the State’ and Enemies of American Freedom

The mainstream media, also known as “Big Media,” is truly the state’s adversary. There are far too many references to back up this statement.

Big Media was relentlessly chirping in February 2017 that President Trump was Putin’s puppet and that General Flynn was a criminal. It was all built on lies, and those in control at the highest levels of the government, including the (in) Justice Department and the FBI, knew it. It didn’t matter; these people were going to shield the outgoing Obama gang from any criminal charges while accusing President Trump of committing fictitious crimes.

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At this point, President Trump sent out the following tweet:

Of course, ‘Big Tech’ removed the President of the United States from their websites, so his tweets are no longer visible. What is the extent to which today’s media figures are grotesquely communist?

There are many examples of the media’s corruption these days. The disparity in reporting on the stimulus bill is a recent example. Every day, the completely skewed Washington Post demonstrates this:

The media’s reaction to Trump vs. Biden on cages is as follows:



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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