The Real Deal: Why Did FBI Cover Up Hunter Biden’s Laptop For Nearly 18 months?

Very visible cracks in the popular story were made exactly by the ones – the MSM that was covering up the entire scandal in the first place!

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This topic was thoroughly discussed within this week’s episode of Faith & Reason.

The discussion panel elaborated on Matt Gaetz’s recent challenge of an FBI representative regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop and Jack Maxey’s important role.

The episode was led by Liz Yore, who asked Jack Maxey about the new developments concerning the Hunter Biden Laptop and his own research into the laptop that he is currently undertaking in Switzerland.

“The laptop is back in the news is largely due to Jack Maxey. He had also worked with the New York Times and pressured them to come out with reports on the laptop,” Life Site News reported.

“Yore brought up the fact that U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, during a hearing on March 29, had questioned FBI Cyber Division assistant director Bryan Vorndran about the whereabouts of the Hunter Biden laptop, and that Vorndran then claimed he didn’t “have any information about the Hunter Biden laptop” despite his prominent position at the FBI Cyber Division. Gaetz then proceeded to enter a copy of the Hunter Biden laptop into the official Congressional Record.”


“Gaetz asked where the laptop was. It was officially handed over to the FBI in December of 2019 by the computer repair shop owner himself. He had it in his possession after Hunter Biden had abandoned the laptop in his store.

Yore asked Maxey about this matter, and the historian/political analyst said that “I believe that when the FBI left his shop on the 9th of December, they thought they had the only copy, and they buried it.” Maxey calls this burial of the laptop by FBI “the biggest betrayal in the history of America.”

“We need to have open hearings,” Maxey added and stated that “the American people start fighting back.”

Yore honored Jack Maxey, calling him the “most wanted man in the world” because he had the courage to go to Switzerland and work on the Hunter Biden laptop with a team of specialists, even discovering some “450 Gigabytes of erased material,” including 80,000 photos, which the team has not yet even investigated because they are afraid they would find child pornography and then would have to turn the laptop over to police immediately.

Fr. Altman was shocked when he heard from Maxey that his team even found that Hunter Biden had encryption keys of the Department of Defense on his laptop. “But I’m just stunned by the fact that some low-level crack addict has the world’s security in his laptop,” Altman said. “Who else is involved in all this? Well, I hope the laptop shows us.”

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