The Plan To Refloat The Ship Blocking The Suez Canal

The most popular daily news is the huge container that is “stuck” in the Suez Canal, and it’s a major global problem!

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The giant container ship “EVERGREEN” is owned by the Japanese firm Shoei Kisen KK. The ship got stuck sideways across the Suez Canal in a single-lane stretch of the canal, which is a major problem for other containers.

The President of the company, Yukito Higaki announced this Friday at a conference that “10 tugboats are deployed and workers are dredging the banks and seafloor near the vessel’s bow to try to get it afloat again as the high tide starts to go out.”

He also politely apologized – a thing common for all Japanese.

“We apologize for blocking the traffic and causing tremendous trouble and worry to many people, including the involved parties,” he stated.

“It’s a complex technical operation” that will require several attempts to free the vessel, Lt. Gen. Osama Rabei, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said in a statement.

The Suez Canal Authority is also welcoming any kind of international assistance. The White House stated it has offered to help Egypt reopen the canal. “We have equipment and capacity that most countries don’t have and we’re seeing what we can do and what help we can be,” U.S. President Joe Biden told reporters.

Roughly said, 10% of the whole world trade flows through the Suez Canal, and the canal is particularly crucial for oil exchange, which could result in oil and gas shipments between Europe and the Middle East.


“Oil markets are absorbing the disruption, for now,” analyst Toril Bosoni said.

“Oil inventories have been coming down but they are still relatively ample,” she told The Associated Press.

“We are not losing any oil supply but it will tie up tankers for longer if they have to go around, which is roughly an additional two-week trip.”


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