The Pentagon Publishes a “PR Photo” From Afghanistan, But One Trump Supporter Immediately Notices a Flaw…

Our armed forces are a laughingstock.

Remember when the Marines got into a Twitter spat with Tucker Carlson and referred to him as a “boomer”?

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This is what happens when you entrust your social media to naive millennials. I apologize if that offends any “millennials,” but please know that I have a millennial daughter, so it’s not personal.

Furthermore, we have active US generals online all of the time that are “awake” and “progressive.” It makes my stomach turn.

But, if you think that’s the lowest it can get, I’ve got some bad news for you…

The Pentagon felt they needed some “feel good” PR points to counter the calamity in Afghanistan, so they tweeted a photo purportedly showing Afghan civilians quietly boarding a “US C-17 plane.”

Isn’t this a wonderful “PR” photo?

Now, don’t get your hopes up…

That isn’t a US C-17, as one astute Trump fan pointed out.


Buzz Patterson, a Republican House candidate from California, pointed out that the plane the Pentagon was displaying was not even from the United States.


Buzz Patterson’s response is as follows: “That’s not a @usairforce C-17, @DeptofDefense,” he says. It’s the wrong country. I’m relieved to learn you’re in command of the situation.”

Here’s a screenshot of that tweet in case the Department of Defense decides to erase it.


Here are some of the responses from the internet:

“You’re so desperate for PR that you posted a picture of a plane that isn’t ours”

“That’s not a USAF C-17, it’s a UAE C-17. No wonder this evacuation is a sh*t-show…the DoD can’t even tell the difference between the USAF and the UAE.”

“Didn’t think someone would notice??? This is a UAE C-17!!! Match the Flags…”

“What an utter embarrassment. That’s NOT a USAF C-17.”

“You guys are trying so hard for a good PR moment. It’s not a US plane.”

“Well, the US military sold it to the UAE, so it’s still a US plane,” some leftists on the internet lament.

Nice try, liberals, but that’s not the way it works.

After all, Boeing would be the one to sell it.

It’s a pity what’s become of our military, and it’s not the troops on the field who are to blame; it’s the bureaucrats and upper brass who are turning the military into a “woke joke.”

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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