The Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Was Completely Exonerated

The Capitol Police issued the following statement on Monday:

“The officer in this situation, who will not be named for his or her own protection, will not face internal discipline.”

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Due to the conclusions of an internal memo inquiry, Ashli Babbitt’s killer remains at large……

“An examination into an internal memo” What exactly does that imply? They exonerated themselves of any misconduct and absolved themselves of any blame?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently stated that there was no “insurgency” and that there was little to no indication that Trump supporters were planning anything….

In other words, there was very little risk, and they were well aware of it….

So, why would officers and security workers at a political event fire and kill a civilian with guns?

That is the fundamental question at hand…

Why wasn’t there more restraint?

The Capitol Police published the following statement in a news release:

According to NBC News:

As Babbitt and a throng of other Trump supporters attempted to force their way into the Capitol, the officer, whose name has not been revealed, opened fire on them.

On video from the shooting, Babbitt was seen in front of a mass of rioters attempting to break down a door leading to the House side of the building, where members of Congress were being evacuated.

In April, the Justice Department announced that no charges will be filed against the officer. The exoneration by the Capitol Police brings the investigation into the incident to a close.


More from Fox News:

The US Capitol Police stated in a statement Monday that if the doors were breached, the rioters would have instant access to the House Chambers. “The officer’s efforts in this case may have spared Members and staff from serious harm or death from a large mob of rioters who forced their way into the United States Capitol and into the House Chamber, where Members and staff were just steps away.”

The department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) “found the officer’s actions was legitimate and within Department policy, which states that an officer may use deadly force only when reasonably believing it is in the defense of human life, including the officer’s own life.”


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