The Oddest Thing Is Happening At The Clintons Foundation

YOu probably haven’t heard about the Clinton Foundation for a while now. That’s because it was put in the shade by its founder’s self-centred aspirations.

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But, back in the days, when Hillary and Bill were top names in presidential politics, the duo was raking in the cash. Ant the foundation was more popular since more money was being laundered through its “work”.

But since they’ve become less relevant and have no actual power to “sell” anything, the foundation has dried up.

According to the report published by the Western Journal,

“The organization seems to have lost much of its fundraising power since Hillary Clinton gracelessly exited presidential politics in 2016 after her surprise loss to Donald Trump in that year’s tumultuous election.

While the Clintons remain power players on the political stage, the 2016 defeat almost certainly sealed Hillary off from any hopes of returning to the presidential field. (Bill, of course, is out of the presidential stakes thanks to the 22nd Amendment limiting presidents to two terms.)

And while the foundation blames 2020’s notable lag in donations on the pandemic, it appears that the downward trend began immediately after Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations were crushed.”

And furthermore, Axios encountered tax documents from the foundation.

“The Clinton Foundation’s donations dropped by almost 75 % in 2020 as compared to 2016, when fundraising was at its peak and Clinton was running for the White House.”

Do you agree with these facts? Care to add more?


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