The Newest TIME Magazine Cover Made Liberals Furious!

Only 60 days have passed, and the entire situation is complex and intense! Liberals don’t know what to do!

Biden admin is in the middle of the most intense political disaster that we have seen in political history. Mr. Biden, only 60 days have passed, and you have done such a disaster!

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All those who supported Biden and his party at the moment are at their wit’s end. They must cover and justify everything that their leader does.

Take a look at all the latest photos about Biden’s facilities and how the migrants are placed in cages.
According to our anonymous sources, showering and food are limited!

The best leader that we have had until now must be Biden…

Can you recall at the time when Dems mocked, ridiculed, and attacked Mr. Trump accusing that he placed the migrants in cages and prisons?

Well, he is doing something worse!

Biden thinks of the ‘’Stay in Mexico’’ policy, and people who are looking for asylum can wait in Mexico if they want American asylum.

Biden’s policy came to an end, and he allowed a tremendous influx of illegal migrants.

When Trump was in office, Dems called for his resignation!

Can you remember the famous TIME Magazine cover?

Previously, the cover was with a migrant child crying, looking at Trump. Now, the image of Trump is changed with Biden!

Everyone who supports the Liberal Party faces meltdowns when seeing the picture. At the same time, they want to convince themselves that Trump is to blame for the border crises, and Biden tries to improve it. We all should laugh at this, but simultaneously it is deplorable.

“A situation he inherited from the last administration and is trying to get something done.”

Do you think that Trump supporters are that weak and will remain silent?

Well, no! They aren’t letting them free pass! Below you can read their response!

“The border was fine when Trump left. He had the successful “stay in Mexico” policy in place, which deterred these people from coming. Biden ended that policy, and THIS happened. Are you really this low-info that you don’t realize that, or is this just a desperate “cope?”

Democrats passed the limits! Can you accept the guilt once and for all!

You must be real!

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