The New Normal: Jeff Bezos and His Female Servant

COVID is a treat for businessmen and elitists, while a threat for the average human being.

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Door Dash, Amazon, and InstaCart have gotten even richer off the lockdowns and the closing of middle-class small businesses.

Politicians have made a killing on all their Big Pharma stocks, and elites are having the times of their lives.

And while we are all masked up – shot with God knows what and offered more shots, the people who are telling us to “fear” the virus, are the people who appear to be the least afraid.

Walking maskless.
And free…

It’s a photo of mask-free billionaire Jeff Bezos and his friends, lounging around on what appears to be a boat (yacht?) while a masked servant waits on him hand and foot.

Here are some of the comments made by people online:

“You will own nothing and you will be happy”. #TheGreatReset“

“America’s new Aristocracy. And so many Americans have signed up to be part of the ever obedient servant class.”

“Know your place, plebian. And bow to your master.”

“The symbolism is ugly, non-sensical, and needs to go away.”

“So many levels of evil here”

“We are NOT all in this together. #NeverForget“

“They’ve basically brought back slavery.”

“I wonder if the left will come out and yell that Bezos should pay his fair share?”

“Modern slavery.”

“This is a picture of modern slavery. Remember how the rich were served by slaves… Now they are masked, it’s showing disgusting distaste of substandard human beings, this whole scene would be different without the mask. The mask is symbolic.”

“Rules are not for the rich. #scumbag #JeffBezos“

“It’s all about creating a second, subservient class.”

“Masks don’t work and never have. Only the rich get to make the rules”

“Pick ur side and fight like hell. #MassPsychosis

“This is the new normal our government is fighting for.”

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