The Navy Seal That Killed Bin Laden Posts Jan 6 Alternatives To Blow Your Mind

The Dems have been shameless enough to compare the event to the Pearl Harbor tragedy and even 9/11.

But a very intuitive and big face that has been keeping a low profile has something to say on the matter.

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If the name Rob O’Neill might sound familiar, it is because he was the Navy Seal responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden, a true terrorist. Being both a decorated warrior and the person to bring justice for 9/11, he recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts of the Capitol Hill riot. And knowing a picture is worth a thousand words, O’Neill decided to use six. He added the caption, “Man, they sure did a number on our Capitol. Oh, wait. These are pictures of Marxist Anarchists destroying our cities.”

In the compared events, more than 5,000 lost their lives…

It should be noted that following the riot on Capitol Hill, federal prosecutors brought charges against more than 700 people involved in the protest. And remember, only one person died that day, but according to The Guardian, at least 25 people were killed during the civil unrest escalated by Black Lives Matter.

Can you anyhiw see the resemblance?!

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