The must-See Interview With The Man Who Initially Exposed The US-Funded Biolabs In Ukraine

Several weeks ago, a Twitter thread from a user named WarClandestine went viral for discovering the possibility of Russia targeting US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine.

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It blasted a big BOOM in the entire international community.

The gentleman behind that Twitter account appeared in his first interview since becoming the target of mainstream media, establishment fact-checkers, and even the intelligence community.

On Tuesday, WarClandestine joined the “Man In America” podcast for an exclusive discussion revolving around US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine.

In the piece, Infowars refers to him as BioClandestine since Twitter immediately axed the account he originally posted the thread from.

“After having his Twitter account deleted twice, BioClandestine started SubStack and Telegram accounts along with other alternative platforms.

Recently, a family member who works in the intelligence community was allegedly approached about their relationship with BioClandestine.

The government supposedly asked if the family member was feeding classified information to the internet sleuth.

“Firstly, the US intelligence community just confirmed I am over the target, because they are suspect that I have access to classified intelligence… if I was wrong, they wouldn’t be asking these questions,” BioClandestine wrote on Sunday.

Stating he does not have access to classified information, the researcher joked that he “cited the US embassy page, a Newsweek article, and official statements from the United Nations.”

“The mega multi-billion dollar IC [intel community] and their state-controlled media, just got outmanoeuvred by a bunch of volunteer citizens on social media. Sorry not sorry,” he explained.

BioClandestine also noted this revelation confirms US intelligence knows who he is, where he lives and who his family members are, claiming they’re now intimidating his family.

“I’m under surveillance,” he declared before directing his attention to any intel members who could be reading his post. “Do you morally agree with spying on an innocent citizen? Are you aware of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution? The one you swore an Oath to defend? Are you mad at me for exposing the US DoD are funding bioweapon production? Or are you mad at your higher-ups for producing bioweapons?”

“I’m not the one who breached the International Biological Weapons Convention, released a genetically modified pathogen, implemented communism under the guise of public health, mass brainwashed the planet, coerced billions into a human experiment, and started WW3… but I’m the bad guy for pointing it out? Spare me,” he added.


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