The Masters Tournament Just Taught MLB How Things are Done

With arguably one of the dumbest plays in sports history, the MLB has officially sealed its fate.

Their decision to pull the All-Star Games out of Georgia has been widely panned, with many claiming that it actually hurts Atlanta’s minority community by effectively decimating the city’s economy.

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While other sports leagues are under pressure to follow suit and make a major virtue signaling pass, the Masters Tournament just swatted down their chance to make a grandiose political statement and is remaining true to Georgia.

In his first remarks regarding Georgia’s new voting rules, the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament walked a fine line.

On Wednesday, Fred Ridley told reporters that voting rights are “fundamental to who we are as a country,” and that the iconic competition will go on as expected, regardless of whether he personally supports or opposes the rule.

“In our democratic culture, the right to vote is fundamental,” Ridley said. “No one should be denied the opportunity to exercise the right, and all people must have confidence in the democratic process.”

“We recognize that people have different perspectives on this rule, and there have been demands for boycotts and other punitive steps. Unfortunately, such acts often place the greatest burdens on the most disadvantaged in our society,” Ridley said, referring to the tournament’s host city of 200,000 people.

Those residents, he said, are at the core of the golf club’s efforts to make a meaningful difference.

Democrats and liberal advocacy organizations have lobbied hard for businesses to oppose the Georgia law, which modifies certain voting practices, restricts the number of absentee ballot drop box sites, and allows photo IDs for absentee voting by mail.

It’s commendable that they are choosing not to cripple a city in order to gain political favor.


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